6 meters 8 and 4 meters 2 trucks which is more suitable to buy?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
Recently, cancel the 4. 5 tons and below truck operation certificate of relevant regulations has been written to the road transport regulations, this also means that 4 of the whole country. 5 tons and below the light no longer need to complete the operation certificate and a driver from job seniority card, no doubt this is a good news for the card friends. Not only that, but this year, the car to the countryside policy to restart again, buy less light trucks are few thousand yuan subsidies, subsidies will have thousands of yuan, so many people with buying enthusiasm of light trucks. Behind the booming situation, however, also has the worry, the choice between in an increasingly competitive freight market, whether should buy the silverado should buy the card? To this, different owners have different views: 4. 2 meters of light users thought, load current and 6 light trucks. 8 m car almost no difference, you can pull 10 tons I can also, you can run and long-haul I can, therefore, why to spend more money on buy yellow card in the card. And 6. 8 meters in card users to think, in fact, light trucks are not allowed to pull so much, the current profit is only temporary, overload and other relevant departments of transfinite governance overload strictly, light trucks will didn't have the strength and the card in the competition, therefore, in the long run, if more than 8 tons of goods, and ran and long-haul, or buy the insurance. Indeed, strictly speaking, the light and the card was supposed to have strict distinction, the former car most cargo gross weight not more than 4. 5 tons, but actually, single car that is less than 4 tons of goods rarely, plus 3 tons of dead weight, general light truck cargo gross weight at about 8 tons, some even are 10 tons of king, there are 15 tons. And card in the car goods total weight is less than 12 tons, actual situation, sheet is the goods should be in more than 10 tons, the general situation is that all kinds of models are preempted by a higher level models of the business, it also makes four. 2 m boxcar light trucks and 6. 8 m cargo compartments of pit in the card. In our country, the sales of light trucks far outweigh the card, each year about 1. 5 million vehicle was sold, and the beginning of the year, as long as have C1 driver's license can buy goods, some people think that this will allow the industry to present state of disorderly competition, the carriage pulled goods before the individual user may own a car to transport their goods. But with the development of transportation group collectivization trend, many bulk is concentrated into big box out, it also take a lot of light truck business, coupled with the pickup in more thaw, many 1 - 3 tons of goods, the owner can also choose to pick-up trucks to transport light trucks faced multiple attack. This kind of situation, light trucks do? Many vehicle production enterprises gives the answer! That is more than who! Sinotruk, jiangling, and other enterprises have introduced a overloaded version, using six cylinder engine, gearbox, from 5 block, has become a 8 block, oil to gas brake, frame widening thickening, just to tell you - — This car can pull 10 tons of no problem! That caused a very embarrassing as a result, it is because become overloaded version of the weight of the vehicle has soared, driving permit regulations on car cargo gross weight cannot be more than 4. 265 tons, but some of the overloaded version of the gravity has exceeded the weight, some truck driver said, this car is not pulled goods already overloaded, this kind of situation, can the registration, if you are fine, factory source is wrong? Full moon is deficient, too, when the light trucks overloaded to the point of a relevant departments can't tolerate, a governance light trucks overloaded storm will be coming, by then, light Carla 1 - 5-3 tons, in the card 8 tons will become a state of reasonable, and the root, the two sides also can make money is the freight, if you earn and 10 tons of 3 tons, who would go to overload at the risk of his life!
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