A car battery charging pile waterproof charging pile waterproof?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
A car battery charging pile waterproof charging pile waterproof? Due to its advantage of energy conservation and environmental protection electric cars got the national government's strong support, was welcomed by the people and favor. In addition to the big car companies' efforts, the whole world of new energy vehicles is a hot scenes, but also for the development of electric vehicles. Fast, so people don't know much about electric cars. The following edit connect to introduce you to the electric car charging pile is afraid of the rain! A car battery charging pile waterproof is very strict national standards for the security of the charging interface, charge to start the vehicle ahead side and to the pile side should be tested for insulation, insulation test failure ( When rain and sundry) Unable to start charging; After charging connection, and the overall reach grade of IP56, namely arbitrary Angle spray waterproof, generally in the rain is not a problem; Finally, the charger side design short circuit protection, short-circuit if charging process, equipment will be the first time to cut off the charging current. Electric vehicle charging connection pile is afraid of the rain - — Protect themselves because these charging pile using the SMC glass fiber reinforced plastic material, guarantee in outdoor use for a long time and can resist complex weather conditions, meet the IP67 electrical protection grade, namely with lightning protection, overload protection, short circuit protection and leakage protection function. Also because these charging pile are Internet charge, can through the monitoring platform, each operating condition be clear at a glance, a charging pile in the event of problem, the fault information will be the first time, according to realize the fast discovery, rapid response, guarantee the operation safety of charging pile, not to mention not easy bad, which USES is broken, the za is fast! These charging pile using intelligent inductive charging mechanism, charging gun inserted into the car charger after first search signal, determine appropriate charging environment, safety, once appear problem charging gun will not start charging, avoid the leakage problem fundamentally, the guarantee of the personal safety of charging behavior. The dc pile ( Quick charge) Is on the basis of communication pile has input under-voltage protection, output, under-voltage protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, over-current protection, the reverse current protection powerful protective properties of the pile and the protection of the people in advance and sufficient. Charging pile waterproof? If is ip54-rated gb charging pile, operation charge is no problem on rainy days. Mainly to more comply with the specifications, safe operation. In general, the standard provisions of the state, outdoor charging pile must meet IP54 protection levels, outdoor charging pile construction must strictly abide by the pile of fire and lightning protection safety acceptance criteria. At design time and charging pile internal leakage protection switch. So the new energy car battery pile in charge when the rain is safe. The rain charging operation essentials: 1. Before charging connection, carefully check the pile side and the car side whether there is water inside the connector interface or a foreign body, after cleaning or wiping to connect again. 2. If recharged connection when it rains, please use an umbrella in the process of connecting the article such as barrier protection. 3. If you find sites appear rainstorm water flooded battery pile, please don't rush to charging pile, so as to avoid electric shock accidents. , when using outdoor charging equipment, be sure to pay attention to the following requirements: (1) when parking, please select a higher position on the ground, to avoid the vehicle battery soak in the water; (2) check whether the charging gun is soaked with rain, whether there is water inside the gun or sundry, check and clean up the charging water accumulation in the gun, sundry, will be wiped clean point first, then use, pull out a gun from the charging pile, pay attention to prevent rain water from entering the spear, the gun moves must ensure that the gun down;
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