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by:DEFUS     2020-04-02
A car is about to maintain, seven FenYang ShouHua share, and shows the importance of car maintenance. Car as a common means of transportation, modern family life for its elaborate maintenance, not only can let it continue to work for us, more important is the advantage of saving the unnecessary security hidden danger. To a generation of words is not wrong, but how amount is right, that we need to continue to learn and improve themselves, because only learn to fundamentally eliminate blind and myth. ShiMa today, small make up to introduce the three common maintenance error, ask a lot of people. Myth 1, exhaust pipe water, a fault is the car? Exhaust pipe drop of water is one of many owners in the process of the RMB will have doubts. ShiMa, small make up think it is necessary to take popular science to you, when we want to understand a phenomenon, we must first know its principle. First of all, car exhaust system mainly refers to the silencer and purifying device, their purpose is to reduce the noise pollution and air pollution. Silencer we do not say, everybody can understand, focusing on purification device. Why need purification plant, with the car's exhaust system you know petrol engine work has four steps: intake, compression, ignition, exhaust. After burning gas in engine cylinder block, produce waste gas, in order to make room for the next work cycle, need to exclude waste gas in a timely manner. The ingredients of the exhaust gas mainly has the following three: carbon monoxide, carbon monoxide is toxic, as you know, because it has high affinity and blood, inhaling too much can cause deaths. Since harmful exhaust gas, and then the exhaust purification device, scientific name is three yuan catalysts. It can put the exhaust of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide catalytic reduction in pairs of humans and the environment harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor. And for the sake of condensing part from the exhaust pipes of water vapor into the water out. The temperature of the exhaust pipe is very high, the exhaust pipe in temperature above 800 degrees generally. The middle temperature above 500 degrees. Finally the exhaust late after cooling temperature drops. Therefore, the water vapor will condense into water, flowing from the exhaust pipe. Erroneous zone 2, change a tire balance block is redundant? Often have the owner because tire tread mill finished or beat up in tire, list a dozen come out, more balance block. What is this part? Think er merchants, to fool us these not knowledgeable consumers. You can see counterweight is very cheap, a 10 yuan, luxury brands will be again a little bit expensive. This material is cheap, changing a tire is little not, why, this is because the tyre and wheel hub as a whole. The distribution of the overall quality is uneven, low-speed driving feeling is not obvious, once the wheel at high speed up, can cause tire driving is not stable, the wheels wobble, such phenomena as the steering wheel vibration, ultimately destroys the suspension. So, changing the tire dynamic balance, must want to do after the wheel under the condition of the dynamic can remain stable. If you watch, a new car wheel hub of the lateral has the balance of the original piece, this is the fuel injector manufacturer of the wheel assembly is ready when dynamic balance, balance weight is needed to do dynamic balance of the material. The weight of the balance weight is different, according to the dynamic balance of choose to use the data. We often say 4 s shop routines. But for this kind of affecting road safety, any business is not to joke. ShiMa, small make up remind, remember next time changing a tire and service advisers say, little sister, don't forget to add dynamic balance! Myth 3, per ten thousand km will do engine clean, is it necessary? Every time to ten thousand kilometers of the maintenance cycle, 4 s shop or repair shop will let us do a project, is the depth of the engine cleaning oil drain or launch a degree of depth. Are all the same, is to give our engine cleaning carbon deposition and sludge. So, is there any need to do in ten thousand km. 4 s inn of the little brother little sister often tells us that if we do not clean the engine carbon deposit on time and sludge, light can affect the service life of the engine, or engine overhaul in advance. In fact, now of the internal combustion engine technology has been very mature, for the engine, the driver friends as long as according to the requirements of vehicle maintenance manual, using the compliance of the oil, curing agent, etc. , timely maintenance. ShiMa, small make up recommend in forty thousand big maintenance period to do a deep cleaning, below forty thousand km, no need to clean.
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