Adjust the speed of carburetor when why asked?

by:DEFUS     2020-05-24
Adjust the speed of carburetor when why asked?

release date: 2014 - 11 - 11 8:35:53

is an important part of engine, carburetor engine is normal operation of equipment. In order to make the engine can run quickly and achieve the purpose of fuel-efficient, then we need to adjust the carburetor, but also need to adjust the idle when adjusting the carburetor, the idle speed is what? How should we adjust the idle speed? Carburetor factory to give us introduce:

idle speed refers to the ability to maintain the lowest stable speed engine rotation. The idle speed is too high, too low will affect the normal operation of the engine. Adjust the idle speed is mainly adjust the concentration of the mixture.

idle principle: the gas not to pull on the carburetor has an adjusting screw, the screw is at the top of the don't pull the throttle when the post up and set aside a seam inlet, to spin columns have higher and higher, the seam, the greater the idle speed is faster, if the screw have no reaction, the idle pipe is blocked. This screw is called the throttle adjusting screw. Remove the upper half of the carburetor, the smaller the pillars spin out, use detergent wash, not with tracheal or mouth blowing. Only to the wool stoma above all can smooth out the oil, turning back again.

throttle adjusting screw in the center of the carburetor, there is a screw on opposite sides of the carburetor or on the back, it is the function of inlet gas, over there are the mixture into the cylinder volume, no matter what side reach the final effect is the concentration of the mixture, the screw is called concentration adjusting screw. This screw more to spin concentration more thin, will be fuel efficient, concentration also not too thin, side effect is very big, underpowered, ignition, burning a long time to make cylinder body severe fever, reduce the service life of the engine. Is too strong, fuel consumption, incomplete combustion, easy to form carbon deposition, drowned, spark plugs, starting difficulty, dynamic instability.

engine commissioning, preheat the first two or three minutes, to spin the engine throttle adjusting screw loose not shut down after the throttle. And then screw the adjusting screw concentration into exactly, make the concentration of the dilute, then swing 3/4. Adjusting screw to adjust the gas engine idle speed down to 1500, such as to the concentration of the adjusting screw to spin again, such as unstable farther out, no more than 1/4 turn, adjusting throttle screw to make the idle again until satisfied. The low idle speed is not good, hair pattern cannot raise oil and therefore not get sufficient lubrication and shortened life spans, also had a difficult start.

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