Advantages and disadvantages dual-clutch gearbox have? What are the dual-clutch gearbox species

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
Said to the dual-clutch transmission, there are quite a few friends sigh said not satisfied. Double clutch transmission ( DualClutchTransmission) DCT is different from the general system of automatic transmission, it is based on manual transmission and not automatic transmission, in addition to have the comfort of the flexibility of manual transmission and automatic transmission, also can provide uninterrupted power output. The next and you what are the advantages and disadvantages about the double clutch transmission? What kind dual-clutch gearbox are there? Dual-clutch transmission advantages and disadvantages of what are the advantages compared with traditional manual transmission, DSG use more convenient, because, after all, it is a manual transmission, just use the new technology of DCT, the manual transmission with automatic performance, greatly improved the fuel economy of vehicles at the same time, the DCT than manual transmission shift more quickly and smoothly, uninterrupted power output. Based on the characteristics and operation mode of DCT, DCT system can bring the feelings like drivers to drive like a car. In addition, it eliminates the manual transmission torque interruption in the shift when the feeling, make you more sensitive driving. Based on its use manual transmission as the foundation and its unique design, DCT can resist 350 cattle, torsion, dual-clutch gearbox has the advantages of the following: 1. Shifting fast. Dual-clutch transmission shift time is very short, faster than the speed of manual transmission, only 0. Less than 2 seconds. 2. Fuel efficiency. Because dual-clutch gearbox eliminates torque interruption, also is to make the engine's power has been used, and always in the best work so can save fuel. Compared with the conventional automatic transmission planetary gear type is more conducive to improve fuel economy, fuel consumption can reduce about 15%. 3. Comfort. Because the shift speed, so every time shift of DCT is very smooth, sense of frustration has little to the point of the body is very difficult to detect. 4. In the process of shifting, almost no torque loss. 5. When high quality gear is in the ready state, rise so fast, at an astonishing 8 milliseconds. 6. Regardless of what kind of situation, accelerator or operation mode in the shift time can reach at least 600 milliseconds ( From the odd cover to the odd, or from the even cover down even when takes about 900 milliseconds, for example from the cover to 3 5) 。 1. Cost problem. Dual-clutch transmission of complex structure, manufacturing process requirement is high also, so the cost is relatively high. So we see equipped with dual clutch transmission is some high-end models. 2. The torque problem. Although it can withstand torque, dual-clutch gearbox is absolutely can meet the requirements of general vehicles, but for intense use is not enough. Because if it is a dry clutch, it produces too much heat, and wet clutch friction force is not enough. 3. Due to the existence of the electric control system and hydraulic system, the efficiency of the dual clutch transmission is still less than the traditional manual transmission, especially for the large torque of wet dual clutch transmission. 4. When need to switch gears is not in a ready state, shifting time is relatively long, in some cases even more than 1 second. 5. Double clutch transmission compared with the traditional manual transmission. 6. The double clutch transmission reliability of the early. Dual-clutch transmission types what wet dual-clutch gearbox, dry dual-clutch gearbox the difference: from the working principle and basic structure, the dry dual clutch and wet dual-clutch transmission is not essentially difference, the difference is: the cooling system of double clutch friction plate wet clutch of two groups of clutch disc in a sealed tank, by soaking the clutch plate absorbs heat transmission oil, and dry clutch friction plate is not sealed tank, need through the water cooling. More about the 'double clutch transmission advantages and disadvantages are there? Dual-clutch transmission types what 'all contents, hope useful for everyone.
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