Air-conditioning filter classification have? Air conditioner filter what are the famous brand

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
Pollen filter, air filter, commonly known as the automobile air conditioner filter filter from the outside into the inside of the car increase the cleanliness of the air, air filtration material generally refers to the air contains impurities, particles, industrial waste gas and dust, pollen, bacteria, etc. Below small make up with you about the air conditioning filter classification have? What are the famous brand air conditioner filter? Classification air-conditioning filter what ordinary air-conditioning filter, usually by a specific environmental protection filter material processed after folding, mostly white layer. Series air conditioner filter, activated carbon is made by the two sides of cloth ( Non-woven fabric) Composite stuffed with tiny particles made of activated carbon, activated carbon filter cloth made of air conditioning filter and deep processing. Car air conditioner filter, is generally installed in the car of the co-pilot warehouse under the glass in front of the warehouse, the owner also can change according to their own conditions of self-help, because its disassembling and operation process is very simple; Also can be in your own car sales service 4 s shop is replace by the store staff. Ordinary air-conditioning filter can suppress dust and particulate matter into the role of the activated carbon air filter series, can be in a very short time, the air passes through the choke section using granular activated carbon itself physical properties, adsorption and other small objects in the air more harmful substances. So the comparison, the effect of activated carbon air filter series filter a lot better than normal. Air-conditioning filter replacement cycle time and average of 8000 - car Changed during 10000 kilometers, can also according to the driving of the external environment, if the environment dry humidity contrast, year-round climate is dry, the sand is big, should be replaced in advance. Air-conditioning filter a well-known brands abroad, 1 what are the famous brand. BOSCH filter BOSCH has about 1700 species of filter, all kinds of car filter for Europe's depot. 2. Among the world 30 strong mahle filter mahler auto parts of mahler's 11 factories in China ( Chongqing, guangzhou, nanjing, hubei each one, each two Shanghai, tianjin, yingkou three) To provide full range of automotive related products to the market, including pistons, piston castings, bearings, air, oil, fuel filter and parts of internal combustion engine and its peripheral products, etc. Mahle also plans to continue to set up factories in China, the localized production of all of its products. ( 2] 3. The rand filter is derived from Europe of the 'engine' - — Italy. Modena technology and quality, the product throughout Europe and the United States more than 40 countries and regions. 4. Mann brand filter, n. hummel's auto parts industry, there are 41 branches more than 9000 employees worldwide. In 2003, the company annual income of 11. 4 billion euros, three from automobile and engine accessories business. Second, the domestic well-known brand 1. Meaning ran filter China ran m group co. , LTD. , is the most complete, most professional filter auto parts industry experts, the earliest production filter, filter, filter manufacturers, one of the global sales of more than 200 million only. Meaning ran its has four production bases: Shanghai yi ran filter co. , LTD. , covers an area of 70000 square meters, annual output 30 million filter; Meaning m group suzhou motor co. , LTD. , covers an area of 50000 square meters, production car alternator and starter 450000 units; Jiangsu meaning ran rubber co. , LTD. , covers an area of 100000 square meters, production car belt 10 million; Jiangsu rush ma machinery co. , LTD. , covers an area of 130000 square meters, production brake disc 2. 4 million sets of 2. Leopard Wang Bao king group, was established in October 1989 in foshan SAN shek wan group workshop covers an area of nearly 200000 square meters, annual output of more than 2600 20 million ten thousand filter, oil seal and 15 million belt, king panther series models more than 3000 kinds of products. 3. Sophie is located Yu Qingpu industrial park, more than 1300 employees, the company mainly produces air filter, oil filter, fuel filter electronically controlled fuel injection system, and other products, is a collection development, design, manufacture and sales of professional group company. 4. Florian air-conditioning filter royal horse car air conditioner filter by silver sound electronic technology co. , LTD. , Japan toray company with the world top 500 enterprises cooperation development. The material of this product USES the technology of Japan TORAY, produced by TORAY synthetic fiber. The classification above about 'air conditioning filter what? Air-conditioning filter what the content of the well-known brand 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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