Anti-lock braking system where the principle of automobile ABS system and maintenance

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
Anti-lock braking system where the principle of automobile ABS system and maintenance automobile antilock wheel lock, prone to traffic accidents, so should pay attention to this kind of failure in real life, must be solved in a timely manner. The following edit Shared the automobile antilock wheel, wheel lock and adverse brake ABS anti-lock braking system common fault maintenance and elimination methods. Where maintenance on ABS anti-lock braking system fault diagnosis, some phenomenon and faults should be separate: cars with ABS, when the engine start, on the brake pedal will bounce, and in the engine flameout, the brake pedal will sink, which belongs to the normal reaction of ABS, not failure. Steering wheel braking, rotation, feel a slight vibration, this is because the brake pressure regulator with the power steering gear share normal reaction caused by a pump. When braking, sometimes feel the brake pedal slightly sinks, this is because the road tire-road friction coefficient change, ABS, caused by the normal reaction is not fault phenomenon. Brake, the brake pedal will have slight vibration, this is the normal ABS work. High speed of the sharp curves, or icy road driving, sometimes, the phenomenon of the brake warning light is lit up. This is the situation in the wheel skid phenomenon, ABS protection action, not defective. When braking, ABS relay action unceasingly, this is normal phenomenon ABS at work. Cars with ABS, in the late braking, there will be a wheel lock, the ground have tow slide mark. This is because when the speed is less than 7 ~ 10 km/h, ABS will not work, is a normal phenomenon. But ABS short and light marks left by the emergency brake, with normal brake emergency braking left long drag printing is different. ABS anti-lock braking system fault diagnosis methods ( 1) Observation: in a nutshell, ABS system work process, is the point of the experienced driver braking operation process of automation, accurate, idealistic, its effect is equivalent to the driver in the 1 s time point braking 12 times. For cars with ABS system, usually in the process of driving, in addition to review the ABS lamp, can use simple method, whether ABS defective ahead of time, namely the method of observation. When stepping on the brake pedal, observe whether upward arch foot feeling. Such as when driving feel was not arch foot on the brake pedal feel, would be invalid for ABS, brake pressure regulator should focus on inspection. Because once the brake pressure regulator is damaged, the brake fluid is not according to the computer control unit ( ECU) The instruction work, so do not feel, braking action, namely feel up the feeling of the arch foot, a fault is the ABS. During emergency braking, observation are there drag seal between the tire and ground. Normal cars with ABS, ABS system, through the ECU to control the braking, emergency braking when the tires on the ground will not impress long drag, prevent slip ratio is too large, keep it between 10% ~ 30%, namely in the braking process and the wheel ground adhesion time can get the biggest play; On the contrary, if the emergency brake, the tires on the ground left long drag marks, namely for the ABS has some problem. Automobile ABS system under the principle and maintenance of the role of vehicle ABS system: anti-lock braking system ( 防抱死制动系统) Hereinafter referred to as ABS. Role is in the car braking, automatic control brake braking force, the size of the wheel does not lock, and at the edge of piping slip ( Slip rate at about 20%) State, in order to keep the wheels and the surface adhesion to the maximum. Simple point said is only in the vehicle ABS system needs urgent when the brakes would work, is in the tyre sliding and rolling the zero point of switching, don't listen to that can effectively shorten the braking distance, to prevent the occurrence of sideslip phenomenon of vehicles on the brakes. The system starting a great effect on the traffic safety, so the vehicle ABS is must be configured. System consisted of: ABS module, ABS total pump, tubing, wheel speed sensor and so on. General common point of failure is ABS wheel speed sensor ABS lamp common fault that caused. This is not absolute, concrete can be read using the detector into the ABS system under the fault code, then check out the fault point according to the fault code.
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