Arrizo 5 gas pedal accelerator pedal fracture what was broken?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
Arrizo 5 gas pedal accelerator pedal fracture what was broken? Large V car inspector during a test drive on the most basic accelerator pedals, caused a lot of controversy. In fact, this is over a year, should not be mentioned again, but have a friend recently questioned: Arrizo 5 gas pedal really is there a problem? Is a design flaw or insufficient material accelerator pedal fracture can lead to accelerated program? Arrizo accelerator pedal break big 5 V in the process of driving on broken arrizo 5, and we can see from the position of the fracture, arrizo 5 of the accelerator pedal is plastic material, in fact, many automakers now pedal all use plastic material, not cut corners but engineering plastics has a higher strength and lighter weight. Same operation ability at the same time, effectively reduce weight. The accelerator pedal is divided into four parts, from the inside out, in turn, is a fixed area, and at the bottom of the pedal lever, pedal area, arrizo 5 throttle fracture site belongs to the pedal lever, normally this part is not trample, because our feet trample parts are generally not pedal area, pedal lever connection only. And from fracture arrizo 5 on the gas pedal we can see that this should not be trample pedal lever, the footprints. In questioning arrizo 5 quality at the same time, we have to doubt the driver's driving style. Fracture of the accelerator pedal is not only a arrizo 5, of course, our god car tesla also had a fracture of the accelerator pedal, foreign owners, said: in the process of catching up, because the strength is too big, tesla accelerator pedal appear rupture, and for providing fracture can see in the figure, the site of fracture and the material of the pedal, are the same as the arrizo 5. How the accelerator pedal is broken? ▼ problem a broken, the accelerator pedal, a breakdown of what? The failure is actually very good understanding, is its literal meaning: control throttle the pedal is broken. This sounds a bit strange flower, but in fact it is not uncommon in the automobile industry. Even aston Martin had such a problem: because 'Chinese suppliers to provide cost materials accelerator pedal' its easy appear rupture, 2013 aston Martin company has all kinds of its 2007-2013 annual recall. ▼ problem 2, the accelerator pedal fracture, the consequences are not serious? Fracture than the brake pedal, the accelerator pedal the consequences of rupture can be said to be 'safe' much better - — Basically let you don't step on the gas, the car stopped slowly. But there is a kind of situation is extremely dangerous, that is the gas pedal break one thousand stuck under the brake pedal, make you can't hit the brakes, may cause big accidents on high speed road. So, one thousand you met such an event, please keep calm, steady hand steering wheel, ensure that after fracture of the pedal is not under the brake pedal, brake slowly pull over the car parked, dozen two hops away them and wait for help - — Remember to take the broken pedal out after stop. Why ▼ problem 3, the accelerator pedal is broken? This problem already has a lot of people said that, in fact, the accelerator pedal is designed under certain conditions can be broken. Passenger car electronic accelerator pedal to protect the driver's leg fracture mainly due to the collision, as active or passive collision occurs, if the driver's foot is still on the gas pedal, the huge impact force will be transmitted by the accelerator pedal to crus, harm the personal. Accelerator pedal fracture after collision, can avoid the force transmission, to protect the driver in the leg. And the fracture position, typically by specific structural design, to ensure that in emergency situations can be broken. If you watch carefully, will find that the accelerator pedal of the link rod is plastic not metal.
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