Auto after market, maintain the advantage - chain mode DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-03-29
In today's automobile market competition at present, after DEFUS fuel injectoroil change center share a large part of the occupation as a dark horse industry, and with high quality products and services to lead the automobile maintenance industry. DEFUS in 2015 the growth of the obvious, revenue service consumers have more than ten thousand vehicles, can achieve 99% satisfaction, this is a very fortunately data, the future DEFUS fuel injectorwill every corner around China, will be 'to a generation of' car ownership concept spread to every people in the car, do: change DEFUS oil, safe driving, need not worry! One, maintenance the lion's share two, policy support to break the monopoly on January 1, 2015 'about promote transformation and upgrading of auto maintenance improve service quality guidelines' formal implementation of 'opinions' requirement automobile 4 s shop shall not be restricted, intervention in the businesses and consumers to choose its own maintenance services, in car in '3 packets' period choose unauthorized maintenance service for reason to refuse to provide maintenance services. 1, broke the auto production enterprises for auto maintenance technology and accessories channels of monopoly. 2, broke the authorization by automobile production enterprises 4 s shops in new car warranty period abuses car warranty, the consumer rights and interests of the usual practice. 3, first put forward our concept on car maintenance homogenous accessories, eliminating discriminatory understanding of the original factory accessories. Encourage business. Third, owners choose what kind of store? Four, DEFUS fuel injectorwhy can develop so fast, why the owner's approval. Based on DEFUS oil change center 10 years of successful experience, constructions, ChanTianJin vehicles can reach 113 were, at the same time, the company's corporate culture to investors, employees, customers, attaches great importance to and respect, so, today's meijia embellish success is inevitable, and strict product quality control, but also the most solid a sword in the company. Summary: The way of quality service, customer demand satisfaction way, the way of brand marketing, technical support sharing way, the way of staff management training) This is a war of no gunpowder smoke, someone died, people give up, but there are always those standing marketing benchmarking. DEFUS oil change center in the way of business as well as benchmarking, maintain a concept that is the way of science, the owner friends still vacant? Why don't you follow the direction of benchmarking together!
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