Auto differential how differential can play any role in the car

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
Auto differential how differential can play any role in the car according to the survey, most of the drivers' understanding of the brand is limited to 'speculation', but very little understanding of the car, so today I will introduce the car differential case how to remove the body! Auto differential how car differential shell can make left and right ( Or front and back) The drive wheels at different speed of rotation mechanism. Mainly by around half shaft gear, two planetary gear and gear rack. Function is when the car turning, or when driving on rough road surface, the left and right wheels at different speed rolling, guarantee on both sides of the drive wheels are pure rolling motion. Differential shell shell is to adjust the left and right wheel speed difference and device. In 4 wheel drive, in order to drive the four wheels, must connect all of the wheels, if the mechanical connection together, the four wheels the car is moving in a curve can't rotate at the same speed, in order to let the cars drive curve basic consistency rotation speed, then need to join in the middle of casing is used to adjust the speed difference of the front and back. A, remove the note: you should use the right sleeve, sleeve commonly for 17, 18, 22, 24, specifications hexagon socket, remove the note when screw diagonal disassembly, pay attention to tools and cleanliness. 1. Remove the active hyperbolic gears connecting flange and oil seal, bevel gear bearing seat, remove the active hyperbolic gear; 2. Remove the active hyperbolic gears connecting flange and oil seal, bevel gear bearing seat, remove the active hyperbolic gear; 3. Remove the follower hyperbolic gear bearing cover, remove the driven hyperbolic gear assembly, unscrew the differential shell shell decomposition of casing screw. 2, assembly note: assembly sequence first break after installed, after the demolition of loading first, differential shell screw torque for 77. 4 nm, pay attention to the assembly screws should diagonal tighten. 1. Clean all components. 2. Differential shell assembly, mount driven hyperbolic gears, fitted with a driven gear bearing cover and adjust the driven gear bearing preloaded force; 3. Will take the initiative to skew gear and oil seal is installed on the bevel gear housing, and through the gasket to adjust driving gear bearing pre-tightening force; 4. Install active hyperbolic gear, by adjusting the active bevel gear bearing seat and the main reducer shell between gasket and gyration driven bevel gear on both sides of the nut to adjust the main, driven bevel gear meshing clearance and mesh mark. Differential in the car can have what effect to have the friend ask to see a lot of suv, when it comes to the differential limited slip differential differential lock three locks, these are what situation, today will give you something about simple. First of all, let's say car differential, all this is a car or an institution, so why should have this institution, we all know, when the car moving around two wheel speed is the same, one thousand turn, it appears that rely on the inside of the wheel and rely on the outside of the wheel, the walking distance between unit is different, because it is the radius of the different, so the speed difference will occur. If it is a rigid shaft with two treads, then speed difference will produce a side wheel trailer, so the structure of the car can cause damage, then the differential, is in the middle axis between the two wheels, is generally planetary gear, is to solve the problem of medial and lateral wheel wheel speed difference, the detailed structure limited to time I don't speak, let's talk about the concept, so what is called a limited slip differential? Limited slip differential is generally in some high performance sports car, saw the car or the initial D is known to all, a drift sharp turns, we all know that the car has a centrifugal force, when you turn has a tendency to side wheels leave the ground, its adhesion is less, so limited slip differential in order to solve the extreme case, it will be more assigned to the torque, the grip is actually the one side of the wheel, generally the ratio is adjustable. Then differential lock is a what things, we all know that differential lock is mainly used on off-road vehicles, because the structure of the differential, if there is a side wheels hung up, the result of the structure of the differential, it will put all of the torsion, is passed to the skid wheels, result in the idling vehicles were trapped. Differential lock is the solution to this problem, when that happens differential lock work, put two wheels around itself, can produce different speed of locking, turned into a rigid shaft, it is the rigid together of the two wheels, wheel side sliding it doesn't matter, on the other side wheels paste on the ground level ground, it can transfer torque, the vehicle for suvs are generally four wheel drive.
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