Auto idle high? How to determine the idle has a problem

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
Engine idle speed too much jitter is one of our most often encounter failure, belong to high rates of auto fault. Engine idle speed instability also happen from time to tome, main show is shaking, engine speed is not uniform. And everybody about the next car idle high? How to determine the idle has a problem? Auto idle high to do when the car engine idle some on the high side, can start the engine, and then hand arm to control the throttle, the throttle is closed. If the idle speed suddenly normal, that is the tension spring throttle too soft, timely change of throttle tension spring. If the throttle is closed, the idle or too high, it will have to check whether the throttle shaft is too loose or throttle seal is sealed, if it is found that the two kinds of problems, it will have to finish in time. If the throttle is normal, is going to look at the throttle under seal is sealed, without leakage, the adjustment should be further explored. How to adjust the idle speed when adjust the speed of the car, the first is to keep the engine temperature is normal, the choke valve fully open, throttle to close tightly, appropriate valve clearance and ignition system is normal under normal conditions. When adjust the idle speed, twisting the first out of the opening of the throttle adjustment screw, to keep the engine speed, the lowest temperature is reached and then use a screwdriver twist into the adjustment of idle screw, engine is shut down, slowly twist the idle speed adjusting screw, the engine stability at high speed. Then twist throttle opening adjusting screw out, make the car engine speed to a minimum. And then adjust the idle speed, use a screwdriver adjustment screw, make the engine speed increase. So repeatedly, until the opening of the throttle is minimum, the engine running under the lowest stable speed. Finally, to improve the speed and suddenly closed throttle rotates at engine idling away is still yes. Unstable idle speed to do such as in the first paragraph, basically there will be what reason. These reasons out let north Wallace auto parts small make up one by one to say: first, to adjust the speed of the engine, the engine idle speed adjusted fault still cannot eliminate, should check the engine idle speed measure hole and idle air hole blockage, such as orifice plug, can use gasoline or acetone to clean with compressed air blowing through; Such as quantity of hole is not blocked, engine speed should be stable under a certain speed, see and listen to the intake manifold or carburetor, bottom liner in place whether imprecision of leak phenomenon, such as a gas leak phenomenon, available with screwdriver fastening screws or add, subtract method to eliminate gasket. Such as idle speed instability with engine power decline phenomenon at the same time, should further check the spark plug work situation, the valve sealing performance and ignition timing is correct, when necessary for maintenance and adjustment. How to determine the idle has a problem, when the car engine work normal engine speed range is 300 - 500 r/min, and even work. When the car engine in the steady speed over the scope or the engine flameout, idle speed is not stable, it is idle. Bad idle speed can be divided into several ways: idle speed flameout, idle instability and idle speed is too high. Idle stall: automobile engine start, idle speed from low to high operating normally, but loosen the accelerator pedal is shut down, or in the unstable operation and then stall is idle flameout of failure. Unstable idle speed, the engine idle speed is not stable, is 'tu, tu' noise from the exhaust pipe. Idle speed is too high: the engine idle speed ratio than normal speed range, and can't get the idle speed reduces. High above about 'auto idle? How to determine the idle all have a problem 'content, hope useful for everyone.
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