Auto leaf spring specifications and what are the function of auto leaf spring?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
Auto leaf spring specifications and what are the function of auto leaf spring? The English name for plate spring LEAFSPRING, mainly is widely used in automobile suspension of elastic element. In fact, it is composed of a variety of spring plate elastic beam. Don't have the same width are the same, but the length and thickness auto leaf spring specifications and the national standard of auto leaf spring is included in the 'standard of automobile industry of the People's Republic of China', of which the number is 29035 - QCN 1991, it is by JB - 523 The 85 version and JB 4046085 version of the national standard revision. Mainly for auto leaf spring, the material, size, performance, precision, test methods and inspection rules made the provisions and requirements, to a certain extent. Auto leaf spring national standards cited four sets of standards: first, the standards of spring steel is GB 1222; Auto leaf spring is the second standard metallographic examination standard JB 3782; The third set of standards is auto leaf spring of shot peening process procedures of the ZB T06 001; The last set of standards is auto leaf spring bench test standard JB 2383. The general requirements of auto leaf spring are mainly as follows: 1. Auto leaf spring piece without any trace of overuse or burning, and similar defects; 2. Auto leaf spring piece at the time of the drawing surface peening processing should be strictly in accordance with the third set of standards - — Auto leaf spring of shot peening process procedures ZB T06 to 001; 3. Auto leaf spring on the friction surface should be spray lubrication products, such as graphite, grease, but if the piece has a gasket between don't need to apply lubricant; 4. Auto leaf spring should be coated with the paint, but the volume above ear bushing is an exception, paint can not and should take other measures to prevent rusting, such as coating antirust water, etc. ; 5. Auto leaf spring material should be strictly in accordance with the first set of standards adopted by the - — Spring steel standard GB 1222 to selected, such as hot spring steel; 6. Auto leaf spring piece of hardness after heat treatment, should reach HB - 375 Within the range of 444; 7. Auto leaf spring inside of alloy structures should conform to a second set of standard - — Auto leaf spring the metallographic examination of the provisions of the standard JB 3782. What are the function of auto leaf spring? Leaf spring is widely used in automobiles in the independent suspension. Leaf spring by the superposition of several piece length of alloy spring steel piece, constitute an approximate strength such as elastic beam. Said the longest one is given priority to, both ends of the roll roll ears, the inner liner, to use the spring pin and fixed in the frame on the bracket or do a hinge lug. Each leaf spring with center bolt connection, and to ensure that the relative position of each piece. Center bolt spacing on both ends of the roll center distance can be equal, called symmetric leaf spring; Can also is not equal, known as asymmetric steel plate spring. In order to prevent car piece apart inside each spring, in the process of driving on the leaf spring is equipped with a number of spring clamp, lest the Lord alone carrying. Spring clip is connected with the lower spring slice through a rivet, on both sides of the spring clamp is connected by bolts, bolt on the casing, nut toward the tire assembly time requirement, in order to avoid the bolt falls off when scrape tires, even fly collapse cuts. Leaf spring deformation under load, the relative sliding and friction between each piece, it can decrease the vibration of the frame. But friction will accelerate the abrasion of leaf spring, so when the leaf spring assembly, each piece to spread between graphite let grease or plastic gasket to reduce friction.
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