Auto timing belt suddenly broken? Sound is auto timing belt

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
Everyone knows timing belt is an important part of the vehicle, if appear damage will have a big impact, timing belt and brake pad is very important, this kind of things are sixty thousand kilometers each time maintenance to check, and suggested to replace. With all of you on next timing belt suddenly fracture under the car? Sound is auto timing belt? Auto timing belt suddenly broken timing belt was broken, if the belt is biting, so stop valve in the open, engine running at the same time; Burst if the engine is idling, means that at the top of a stroke have gap between piston and open the valve. Both cases of rupture, the damage is just the timing belt itself. However, if the engine is the 'interference fit' design, piston and valve occupy the same space, there is no gap between them, so will soon be damage other parts, such as valve to be bent, piston by stamping, etc. These failures will make customers spend more, but also facing trouble can't use it for a long time. Timing belt is not broken, does not mean that it is no problem. With belt more with the old, it the degree of stretch is beyond the scope of tensioning device can compensate, generating a timing chain wheel slip. The tooth wear, such as lubricating oil adhesion can also lead to skid. Check, if the belt has a lower hardness, abrasion, fiber rupture, or crack, crack phenomenon and suggests that the belt has been damaged, can not continue to use. Next, check the sprocket wheel failure. Damage of sprocket can 'burn' belt material, and intensifying the belt tooth wear. Sprocket failure may also make the valve mechanism have greater resistance on the timing belt. Auto timing belt has a sound is to do a 1), fault phenomenon Sound is more complex, sometimes with rhythm, sometimes is a ring, sometimes it is continuous. 2) The engine idle speed or speed change operation, in the timing gear chamber cover a promiscuous and slight noise. The noise disappear after speed increase. Sharp reduction, noise followed. 3) Some sounds are influenced by temperature, no noise at low temperature, normal temperature, after only noise. 4) Some sound accompanied by vibration timing gear cover. Second, the main reason for the 1) The timing gear meshing clearance is too large or too small. 2) The camshaft and crankshaft centerline parallelism error exceeds bid, cause disorder gear mesh. 3) After replacement of the crankshaft and camshaft bearings, change the position gear mesh. 4) The camshaft timing gear fixed nut is loose. 5) The camshaft timing gear tooth fracture, or gear radial fracture. Three, diagnostic methods, 1) Idle a promiscuous and slight 'honk, honk' sound, improve the speed, noise disappear; Sharp slowdown, the sound again. This situation can be diagnosed with gear backlash is too large or gear meshing position change. This kind of situation usually don't have to be ruled out, serious when should repair. 2) Obviously appear 'blare with speed increase - — 'The noise, particularly nasty acceleration noise. This situation can be diagnosed with gear backlash is too small. This sound is not serious when may continue to use. 3) Gradually accelerated, when achieves a high speed, strong and clutter noise suddenly, and then slows down, and will send out 'ga - 'Sound, then disappear. Along with the phenomenon is: high-grade when driving in a moment, appear 'ga - 'The sound. This situation can be diagnosed with the camshaft timing gear fixed nut is loose. If the strong noise, accompanied by obvious vibration, the nut has fall off. This kind of situation should be immediately repaired. 4) Idle 'word, the word' sound, speed, sound. Along with the phenomenon is: the body appear jitter, when suddenly shut down, can't start. This situation can be diagnosed with the camshaft timing gear tooth fracture or gear radial fracture. This kind of situation should be immediately repair, cleaning oil and oil pan. As a result, often it's good to hear the engine sound is normal. More about the 'auto timing belt suddenly broken? Auto timing belt has a sound is how to do 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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