Auto transmission gear manufacturing process have? How long the transmission gear oil change at a time

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
Transmission gear often at high speed, high load, speed and load under the condition of constant alternating work. Gear besides due to normal wear, also due to the lubricating oil quality, bad lubrication condition, improper operation and maintenance of driving gear assembly when inappropriate position of eating each other together, will impact gear, gear teeth chew well and started shaking, will accelerate the gear wear and damage. The next and everybody about the auto transmission gear manufacturing process have? How long the transmission gear oil change? What a auto transmission gear manufacturing process, the forging die forging of gear blank is still widely used automobile gear blank forging process, but the cross wedge rolling process on the axle gear obtained widespread use. Suitable for axial blocking the steps of the more complex, it has high precision, small order after allowance, high efficiency, etc. Second, the type of the gear cutting machine cutting equipment is a complex machine, is the key equipment of the automobile manufacturing industry. According to the different gear cutting process can be divided into: gear hobbing machine, slotting machine, gear milling machine, shaving machine, grinding machine, gear honing machine, extrusion machine, etc. , tooth need to choose the appropriate machine according to the craft equipment. Three, the selection of cutting oil automobile gear manufacturing subsequent billet cutting, tooth manufacturing, grinding process, such as the choice of gear cutting oil directly affects the efficiency and precision of the process. So the physical properties of the automobile gear cutting oil should be according to the size of the workpiece, cutting volume, cutting speed, cutting tool selection, also consider factors such as oil viscosity and chemical properties. Four, the matters of cutting gear billet diameter larger gear billet is easy to occur when the clamping elastic deformation, and on the machine tool is difficult to make up for the loss caused by gear meshing precision. Due to the tooth surface often deal with the datum of gear hole and end face, so the precision of gear blank is mainly on gear hole in dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy and the precision of the hole and face have higher requirements. Guarantee: generally USES two methods (1) direct clamping turning ( Once the installation is complete hole and benchmark face fine car) : (2) in the shaft turning ( Hole as a benchmark, to complete the end face, cylindrical turning) 。 Either way, it should make gear billet is achieved, want to have a high precision gear hobbing datum. Five, the process of gear cutting benchmark has direct impact to the tooth profile accuracy, usually choose top hole, gear shaft, and a face as a benchmark. Gear tooth cutting are round, pour point, chamfering and deburring, can remove tooth on the sharp edges to prevent split after carburizing and quenching. Gear quenching after benchmark hole deformation, to ensure the quality of tooth shape seiko to benchmark hole must give the correction. Six, the precision of gear testing before it is transmission gear assembly knock against burrs of the clean-up of tooth, to eliminate their cause noise sound after assembly. Through single mesh to hear or observation of mesh deviation on comprehensive instrument to complete, not through the detection of grinding process workpiece needs to be fixed. How often the transmission gear oil replacement for automatic transmission car, normally or every 4-2 years To change the time more than 60000 kilometers. If the vehicle into gear smoothly and gearbox noise changed little, can not change. If appear green, when the vehicle shift especially speed gearbox noise increased obviously after more than 100 kilometers, consider whether the change the transmission oil. And of course some vehicles are repaired gearboxes, which urged 3000 km in the first, and then every year or replacement of a gearbox oil 20000 km. Of course, there are still a lot of people like manual vehicle, because transmission technology mature, can rely on high, low failure rate, general or driving to 6-3 years Changed during more than 80000 kilometers, replacement cycle is a little longer compared with automatic transmission. More about the 'auto transmission gear manufacturing process have? How long the transmission gear oil change once 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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