Automatic trample accelerator has what reason is the feeling of frustration? Automatic trample accelerator have sound what's going on

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
Drivers don't know when driving fuel, the car stall ever appear the phenomenon of feeling, always have a meal when the throttle a feeling. And everybody about the next automatic-shift trample accelerator has what reason is the feeling of frustration? Automatic trample accelerator have sound what's going on? Automatic setbacks on the accelerator is the feeling of what reason causes there may be three, respectively is: 1, throttle, fuel injector nozzle, inlet carbon deposition. Affected by the carbon deposition caused by the fault are many, some vehicles will feel sense of frustration is also related to carbon deposition, suggested that usually pay attention to clean up the carbon deposition. 2, fuel quality is unqualified, insufficient combustion. 3, spark plugs and ignition coil failure, resulting in lack of cylinder, etc. This will need to check the processing shop, and timely maintenance, avoid to produce more safe hidden trouble. Automatic-shift have sound what's going on on the accelerator, engines have different symptoms: 1 nacelle appears sound is more likely, most people are judge out by sound source is a vision of the nacelle, usually is metal jar or wind whistling sound. Solution: engine sound marks a mechanism of technology state has changed. Mainly because of some parts wear or assembly, caused by improper adjustment. Some sound fair forecast engine will be prone to accidental injuries, so when there was a sound engine, shall promptly repair, preventing further failure. What need reminds is, if it is the sound inside the engine, the owner is unable to solve of, mostly best send factory maintenance. 2, gearbox have symptoms sound explanation: the car on the road if there is a 'rustling' sound, transmission inside and on the clutch or throttle later have no, shift will have similar whistling sound. Solution: the transmission parts is more, the cause of the noise is more complex, based on the analysis of judgment should be paid attention to: whether associated with a specific speed, such as some planetary gear ring sent around 50 km/h. Is involved in some gear, this is very important to determine the transmission fault, if a gear ring, certainly related to affect the gear transmission parts; If all documents are send ring, it tends to be constant mesh gear shaft failure or transmission is short of oil. Is associated with a specific action, such as add, subtract, starting, nasty acceleration, deceleration, turning all is an effective method for sound judgment, among them, the transformation rate, changes of direction in determining rear axle fault is particularly important. If the transmission sound obvious, or a professional repair shop to check out the fault components, and then replaced. 3, wear symptoms: sound when driving trample accelerator or brake always has the some of the sound of a portion of the body, the voice is not large, and also does not affect the normal driving, but always let people have a little worry about where is out of action. Solution: the doors sound is mainly caused by lack of lubrication, but to judge the position or the door is the door hinge internal glass elevator, locks institutions, shake handshandle institutions, etc. If it is the door hinge or stop, you can use a dedicated car door hinge and slide grease, and advanced, inside the door glass door lock body, shake handshandle institutions such as grease lubrication is a dedicated door accessories. Brand choice as far as possible choose common brand 4 s shop, such as Germany mattie, kroeber, tiger HOTOLUBE, fox and so on. Unfavorable use oil or butter, ordinary will freeze in the winter, bad smell will affect health. More about 'automatic trample accelerator has what reason is the feeling of frustration? Automatic have sound what's going on on the accelerator 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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