Automatic transmission oil effect have? Why do you want to correct selection of automatic transmission oil

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
Automatic transmission oil ATF (for short AutomaticTransmissionFluid) , it is specially used in automatic transmission oil. The early automatic transmission is no special oil, but with the engine oil instead. Below small make up with you about the automatic transmission oil effect have? Why do you want to correct selection of automatic transmission oil? Automatic transmission oil effect what hydraulic torque converter through transfer power engine to the transmission, automatic transmission oil started to realize automatic car smoothly; Transmission pressure and oil through the automatic transmission control system, complete the tests of automatic switch; Automatic transmission oil to the transmission of heat out of the heat dissipation; Automatic transmission oil also within the transmission on a planet gear mechanism of forced lubrication and friction elements; Automatic transmission oil and plays a role of sealing parts and clean movement. Automatic transmission oil what 1 performance indicators. The proper temperature for the use of viscosity ATF 40 - 170 ℃, the range is very wide, and because of automatic transmission oil viscosity is very sensitive to his job, so the viscosity is one of the most important characteristics of a ATF. Required for different types of transmission ATF viscosity is not the same, so you can't casually use the standard of the ATF oil replacement car, avoid the ATF viscosity and viscosity requirements of automatic transmission does not adapt, resulting in adverse reactions. When using viscosity of ATF slants big, not only affects the efficiency of torque converter, and may cause cold starting difficulty; When using the ATF, the viscosity of the partial hours could lead to a leakage of hydraulic system. Especially the transmission at high speed, large amount of aluminum body expansion, low viscosity may cause a shift is not normal at this time. 2. Excellent thermal oxidation stability of ATF thermal oxidation stability is a very important problem in use. As well as engine oil, oil oxidation stability directly decides the service life of ATF and the service life of the automatic transmission. Because of the high temperature of ATF, if thermal oxidation stability is bad, will cause the formation of oil sludge, lacquer, carbon deposit and sediment, etc, resulting in the clutch and brake pills skid, of fault of control system failure. Professional companies in the United States to determine the car rental cars and for private use in the automatic transmission oil temperature. Since the car on the highway of the oil temperature is 82. 2 - 87. 8 ℃, and taxi in the city and out of the oil temperature is higher, generally in 93. 3 - 111. Between 7 ℃. Due to the Asia such as road conditions, driving factors, may have certain difference. But the scientific estimates the ATF oil temperature remains at about 100 ℃, extreme cases may reach 150 ℃. And in the clutch plate surface temperature up to 393 ℃. So the working condition of vehicle automatic transmission in Asia is more severe. 3. Good resistance to bubble in the automatic transmission ATF bubbles of great harm to the transmission system, which is determined by the nature of hydraulic automatic transmission oil work. Using the hydraulic torque converter and transmission oil system is the same supply of oil. So it is not only the torque converter transfer medium of power, automatic control and the transmission medium lubrication and cooling medium. Foam can be led to the decrease of the torque converter transmission power, compressibility of bubble led to the decrease of the hydraulic system pressure fluctuations and oil pressure, serious when can make the oil supply disruptions. Oil mixed with a large number of air, the actual is to reduce the amount of lubricating oil. The bubbles in the process of compression, temperature, and accelerate the aging oil, affect the service life of product, and lead to parts early wear. Why choose right type of automatic transmission oil automatic transmission oil is a lot of, different types of oil and its different parameters such as coefficient of friction. Due to different vehicle use regulations, choose it is important to note that when using the accessory recommended brand of manual transmission oil, if misuse or mixed, can make the automatic transmission occurs suddenly shift shock and brake and clutch joint phenomenon; Or lead to transmission clutch and brake skid, accelerate the early wear of friction plate. In addition, the long-term use of automatic transmission oil will reduce, oxidation resistance and thermal stability will decline, which also can appear many impurities, thus reduce the lubrication effect, make the various components of the wear, resulting in failure of shift shock and clutch skid. So, dynamic transmission oil also need regular check, add or change, avoid the early damage of automatic transmission. More about the 'automatic transmission oil effect have? Why do you want to correct selection of the contents of the automatic transmission oil 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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