Automobile chassis sound what reason be? Automobile chassis sound how to solve

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
We are in daily use, often encounter the problem of fault in car, such as chassis, chassis chassis is the cause of sound rubber aging affect, or drive for a long time between chassis components kuang quantitative change big affect. Next on automobile chassis sound all what reason be? Automobile chassis sound how to solve? Automobile chassis sound is what reason firstly we explain the chassis of the sound problem, this situation is a problem that many owners often encountered, chassis loose and sound still has a lot of factors, the car itself quality problem, or a car accident, or transport environment, these factors are possible, distortion of energy will be absorbed by the deformation of the whole picture frame chassis, chassis appear when the car driving sound would be easy to understand, to say the perennial use car appear such problems are common! Generally those without damping spring car, driving on rutted road, car turbulence is strong, sitting in the car's passengers will have serious jitter and uncomfortable, it suffered most is our car chassis, the problem of the old driver with good technical observation well, in a place like hundred meters may be for beginners may be at a loss, so in order to avoid the happening of the problem, we must check in time, understand the causes of these problems, in order to better take cover. Traffic impact on chassis everyone at ordinary times when driving or want to choose as far as possible familiar with the road conditions, if the car chassis set-up to comfort, comfort is very good, we are still try to the most fundamental driving on flat surface, the chassis is no problem, and if the chassis continuous sound, but also with other skylight sound, instrument panel sound, the sound of the transmission, etc. , these reasons may be the vehicle of rubber aging problems, so that the gaps between the parts will be increasing, so we usually for the car maintenance or check on time and in a timely manner, but never mind, once appeared serious problem, is bound to affect our safe driving. Driving habits is very important to a lot of people don't know, automobile chassis has a small piece of lining, the role of this thing is to be able to do put the oil course for vibration reduction, it also determines the vibrate to the stand or fall of quality, some owners were particularly careless, because it is the location of the hidden don't see really can not find, if you are not careful hit some rocks and chassis would obviously appear loose, jingle MAO lang seems to happen to crash, so must be we said just now that a couple of reasons. Because most of the drivers appear in the process of driving the car brakes, so we must keep a stable speed, don't worry the brakes on the accelerator, through intersections completes the anticipation, the basic consumption would not be too high, such behavior for automobile chassis and all parts will have serious trauma, so dear friends the driver while driving must pay attention to this problem. Automobile chassis sound how to solve the solution is to replace the driving part, adding grease or open driving part. After some rear differential drive to replace the differential oil, if long time don't change, the differential gear will not normal wear and tear, so will cause kuang cause a noise. Suspension is one of a noise source, suspension linkage between, between suspension connecting rod and the auxiliary frame basic will have a noise. Suspension of the connecting rod and suspension and the auxiliary frame between basic it is rubber bushing, the rubber bushing is in order to supply better comfort and quiet, time is long, will be aging rubber of a potholes in the road, he makes a noise. The solution is to replace all the aging rubber bushing, buy the price of the rubber bushing is cheap, but to do so will spend very much time, so the replacement cost is relatively high. Avoid long time use will cause a noise. Shock and body connection place basic glue has a top, a top rubber aging time is long will harden, the cause of a potholes in the road, there was squelching sound body. Walk a little and made the top rubber aging, tiny bumps quite a lot of the road, can feel the car tires shaking violently, and aftershocks very much, this is because the top glue harden can't these tiny vibrations affect the buffer. More about 'automobile chassis sound what reason be? Automobile chassis sound all content, how to solve the 'hope useful for everyone.
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