Automobile detergent ingredient automobile detergent ingredients what formula

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
Automobile detergent ingredient automobile detergent ingredients what are the main components of the formula car cleaner: silane emulsion, 10% ketone alkyl benzyl ammonium oxidation ratio of 18%, alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether, 25% to 47% of water. After mixing the ingredients according to the proportion, the car cleaner formulations containing anionic surfactant ( Alkyl benzyl ammonium oxidation) , non-ionic surface active agent ( Alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether) , brightener ( Silicone emulsion) 。 Can realize vehicle surface. Automobile detergent ingredient car cleaning agent of the main ingredients: silane ketone emulsion ratio 10%, alkyl benzyl ammonium oxidation ratio 18%, alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether 25%, water 47%. Car cleaning agent formula containing anionic surfactant ( Alkyl benzyl ammonium oxidation) , non-ionic surface active agent ( Alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether) , brightener ( The silane emulsion) , after mixing the ingredients according to the proportion which can realize the vehicle on the surface of the purpose of the decontamination, polishing, paint protection. The preparation of anhydrous cleaner is very simple, and easy to use, should spray cleaner after the car surface with cloth to wipe the can, leave out the trouble with plenty of water rinse, outdoors can be used anywhere at any time without restriction. Automotive cleaner can remove the paste on the surface of the glass tape, label, and can remove the wheel around, fenders, bumpers, car body oil and all kinds of tools. Automobile detergent after use can also form a thin film to protect the paint. In addition, the car interior cleaner is cleaning the car's chemical fiber, wood, leather, cloth, velvet, engineering plastic and other products, Such as ceiling, seats, instrument desk, carpet, etc. ) . What car cleaning agent composition formula surface clean sexual material is also called surface cleaning agent or interface agent, noise can significantly reduce the liquid surface tension. It can make the liquid emulsion fouling formation, solid slurry fouling formation. Soft soap and detergent are major car cleaner clean the surface of the material. Also called soft soap liquid soap, are generally potassium soap, in the soft water has a very good decontamination ability, can well dissolve in water, is one of indispensable ingredient in many car cleaning agent. In high hardness water, using suitable synthetic detergent. Because it can make the soap in the formation of calcium magnesium soap in hard water and dispersed in solution, are generally composed of non-ionic and anionic synthetic detergents. Strong ability to anionic detergent, detergent, is stable in alkaline solution and hard water; Instead of ionic cleaning detergent ability is stronger than anionic detergent, and again in the process of detergent to prevent dirt deposition ability is much superior. Adding non-ionic detergent anionic detergent, due to enhanced the latter in the cold water and hard water solubility, so can strengthen the ability of decontamination. In addition to the soft soap and detergent, commonly used surface active substances and oleic acid, triethanolamine, alcohols, etc. Phosphate, trisodium phosphate, disodium hydrogen phosphate and the condensation sodium phosphate and so on, especially in the condensed phosphates in detergent formulation is most important. Trisodium phosphate is also called sodium phosphate, 1% of its aqueous solution at room temperature when the pH value is 12, because of its alkaline is too strong, so can't use too much in the cleaning agent, it can increase the detergent solution in the formula of wetting ability, has certain emulsifying ability, but its main function is to soften water quality. Trisodium phosphate and calcium magnesium salt in hard water, become insoluble bona and magnesium phosphate salt precipitation gradually. Disodium hydrogen phosphate in addition to the low pH value, the rest of the same nature and trisodium phosphate. Tend to mix these two kinds of phosphate in the formula, so that in the case of low pH value can still get good decontamination ability. Condensed phosphate, sodium pyrophosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate, etc. , is the most used sodium tripolyphosphate. Add condensed phosphates in detergent, make with condensed phosphate and calcium and magnesium ions generated complex, and can be dissolved in water, soften water quality. In aqueous solution, condensed phosphates have special dirt ability of solid particles, can speed up the cleaning process and improve the cleaning effect. Condensed phosphates pH value is low, but has good detergent capacity, foam stability and emulsifying power.
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