Automobile headlight bulb around a car headlights halogen lamp installation points the direction

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
Automobile headlight bulb around a car headlights halogen lamp installation points the direction for automobile headlamps irradiation distance have been adjusted when delivery from factory. If the headlamps itself never move, do not need to adjust. In general, after the replacement of headlamps assembly, vehicle front deformation by accident, even change the light bulb, the height of the lamp will change too. Automobile headlight bulb it around if touched, the headlight or light bulbs, light height changed must first check whether the lamp or lamps is installed, and then make adjustments. So several lights usually happen, on both sides of the light change is near or far; On both sides of the headlight different irradiation, high and low; One side of the headlights as wide, etc. Most of the headlights dipped headlight is 30 - irradiation About 40 meters, the high beam irradiation distance is 100 meters. If irradiation distance too close, driving at night can see distance is near, is not conducive to driving safety. If irradiation distance too far, because the light intensity is limited, not bright the road ahead will be as a whole, the ground objects and low potholes place will can't see, also go against safety. If the light intensity is enough big, such as laser headlights, high beam can be illuminate farther distance. Are not suitable for light dipped headlights regardless of light, too far, if taken too far, like a open high beam, can make the front vehicle, and can't see the way to the vehicle when passing. Practice, there is this kind of situation, the car was always can't see the road, the other is the high beam, approached a look is actually open dipped headlight, just relatively far distance. How to see the light is still in low, the low beam and in the light bulb is separate can see that the outside of the headlight bulb light is low, the inside of the headlight bulb light is in. The discretion of the light and left and right sides can be oneself adjust, adjust the deflection of screw in the upper part of the headlight after position. Is on the top of the headlight, look down, look not clear words with a flashlight picture, will see a cross screw is to adjust the headlight, can find a cross screwdriver rotate around flowers. Is often need to adjust the height of headlight, find a wall, facing the wall, the car distance open four or five meters away from the location of the headlight. If the lights are different, it's easy to see that adjustment screw to rotate. Dipped headlights lighting is a tangent, the boundaries of the light is very clear, according to the wall there is a clear line, a little light above and below the light. High beam tangent, lamplight illuminate boundaries is not obvious, adjust the strongest when they see light brightness of that point. New car if the headlights when the left side is lower than the right, which is the right side of the low beam light distance than the left, night looking at the left side in front of a black, this is normal, the goal is to prevent other according to the vehicle to the other party. If the lights in the road, basic look not to come out, also won't have influence, don't need to do adjustment. If often driving where there is no street lamps, feel the design is very affect their line of sight, can adjust itself to the headlight and the right side of the same height. How long is the life of a car headlights? Bulb into halogen, xenon headlights, LED lamps, halogen bulbs the shortest life, is about 500 hours, and could be shorter, especially the car passing light bulb, is relatively easy to bad. Xenon headlights and LED long service life, thousands of tens of thousands of hours, no quality problems, five or six years is not enough brightness. Halogen bulbs to focus attention, although still bright after long period of time, but because of the attenuation and not enough brightness, review the car may not be passed, they only need to replace new light bulb. So if you feel light not too bright at ordinary times, change can be earlier, the price is not expensive. Car headlights halogen lamp installation points direction is about a headlight assembly, shell are the symbols on the R and L, the inside of the bulb is all about, when installing bulb seat has direction gap to come together, pay attention to the lamp holder at the back of the dust cover to reach the designated position, or you will fill into dust damaged headlight reflectors. A variety of the halogen lamp is incandescent lamp. Halogen bulbs since the biggest difference is that a little, with other incandescent lamp is halogen lamp glass shell filled with some of the gases (halogen elements Usually of iodine or bromine) 。 Halogen lamp is a special kind of incandescent lamp, its principle is when an electric current passes through heat resistance, bai when temperature is high enough constantly issued blackbody radiation wavelengths in the visible light spectrum.
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