Automobile ignition coil is broken to see what would happen?

by:DEFUS     2020-05-16
Engine cylinder is refers to the steam engine failure, will have no power, there are number of cylinders a few block doesn't work. Engine cylinder will shorten the life cycle of lubricating oil, prone to instant death fire, gas guzzler, smoke, weak. Engine cylinder deficiency mainly refers to the engine with a cylinder and above didn't work properly. Usually characterized by: found abnormal or underpowered engine work, high, medium and low speed when the engine work is uneven and rhythmic fluttering, muffler exhaust black smoke and shooting. Engine cylinder operation deficiency will bring great harm: 1. The speed of the engine, power down. 2. Any increase in fuel consumption and emission pollution. 3. Increase the wear and tear of the moving parts, shorten the cycle of lubricating oils. Have taken place in the engine cylinder deficiency phenomenon can lead to burn large cars, smoke, powerless, decline speed of vehicle can't afford to add horsepower, jitter is serious, traffic noise. And very bad for driving safety. Especially need slope sections, lack of cylinder of vehicle engine load increase, the body shaking more apparent, very prone to instant death. The cause of engine cylinder deficiency is mainly from ignition and fuel injection system. Ignition system of the distributor cap contact if there is a serious ablation, produces fire jumper, mostly occurred in cover photogenic corresponding between stigma, idle serious high and low, power down, vehicle feeling is like a severe asthma attack, there have been several classmate happened such problem. Ignition coil appears the phenomenon of fault can also lead to lack of cylinder and ignition coil problem will often make serious ablation distributor cap. Ignition coil problems instant death is also the most prone to power down after the fire destroyed the car. Carburetor car ignition module was also a very easy to appear problem, now there is nothing good quality, the star brand of form a complete set is so return a responsibility, generally have to be in two years, the high load but also easy to damage the ignition module, you find your tachometer appeared normal exercise there started suddenly jumping up and down, especially when idle speed and less than 2000 turn obviously that the ignition module basic is OVER now, thanks to not expensive, but it is not durable. Cylinder line that is also belong to loss, you asked me how many kilometers after the change, my answer is normal use will not change, simple line change the cylinder of the ignition voltage increase will lead to the rapid burning of the spark plug, replacement of high calorific value of platinum, PT also cannot use normal cylinder line, no otherwise, spark plugs and cylinder line are complementary to each other, have a direct impact on the normal engine ignition, bad cooperation even lack of cylinder. I think to supporting the use of the cylinder line also is ok. About the line of cylinder and the spark plug problem is we always discuss and debate, here is only the normal use of cylinder line, line of cylinder is working correctly direct pulling points cylinder line that is not what a screwdriver, put a spark plug, the car just know, each cylinder are compared. The screwdriver on the cylinder line lighter also pretty silly, can determine whether there is a fire, and couldn't compare whether continuous ignition is normal, also easy to electricity. The next most likely to lead to lack of cylinder is the spark plug, a lot of problems are related to the spark plug, the people in all kinds of brand of a lot of heart function, but also not necessarily is suitable for cutting, form a complete set of is very good, it is loss, form a complete set of champion spark plugs are a within ten dollars. A 30000 km in quite good. In the mess of brand, calorific value of each different, clearance is different also, generally 0. 7 ~ 0. 9. Sometimes the ignition problem still can make for a period of time of the spark plugs of electrode discharge part into a round shape by ablation is not in the position of spark plugs electric spark plug gap or spark plugs don't fire this will directly cause the cylinder does not work, judge the position in spark plugs is normal electric spark plug gap and spark plug effect is good. The spark plug gap does not agree that also not line, I have seen some students removed spark plug 6 cylinder can have three brands that can work normally, please! The spark plug is very important if there is a spark plug doesn't work, may be increased 10% 15% of the fuel consumption, power down 18% 35%, CO and HC in the exhaust gas to multiply, starting performance degradation. Cut the spark plug type belongs to the high calorific value, choose the carbon deposition caused easily with low calorific value, spark plug too much carbon deposit, after the fuel moisture, a shunt resistor in parallel, equivalent to the spark plug electrodes cause spark plug leakage, fire is too weak, serious when the spark plug can't work it naturally easy to cause lack of cylinder. Said to the carbon deposition, lack of another is easy to cause the reason of cylinder is an important part of the fuel injection nozzle, the nozzle with carbon, nozzle filter blockage, cannot accurate injection and atomization, easily jammed nozzle, engine cylinder operation deficiency or stalling. Nozzle of carbon deposition are also easy to cause the cold start. Go into more detail about the problem of carbon deposition.
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