Automobile shock absorber is broken can fix it automobile shock absorber what maintenance method

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
Automobile shock absorber is broken can fix it automobile shock absorber maintenance method what if the car shock absorber is damaged, you must repair the shock absorber of the external in case of oil spill. If the failure caused by oil spill, only can replace the oil seal, and add enough oil. Usually, do not need special maintenance; If due to damage caused by fault, should replace the components. Automobile shock absorber is broken can fix it shock absorber can be as simple as inhibiting damping spring beat frequency, to control a vibration of car body. Shock absorber oil spill is the most common fault. Once the shock absorber oil spill, the inside of the hydraulic system pressure is out of balance, damping effect will decline or disappear, damping is irrepressible spring pulse frequency, caused by vehicle damping spring beating frequency and the amplitude of driving too fast and too much. If it is a shock absorbing oil leakage is serious, generally on the road we feel is not very obvious, but the potholes in the road you can feel. If two are serious you can feel clear to shake larger than previously not leak. General situation is that oil, in which, not say 2 in together. Shock absorber is another common fault sound, the sound here has two, has been the shock absorber itself internal sound, the other is a shock absorber top glue sound. Both of the fault phenomenon is also somewhat different, everyone must remember. Shock absorber sound internal main show is on the drums, it is a shock absorber internal wear bad sealing of hydraulic components, hydraulic tapping, more depressing, similar to 'boom' sound of drums. We usually call the phenomenon of shock absorber of leakage, you can't see it is the appearance of the spill, but on the road test, is indeed a different sound can be heard, the late sound serious cases, if you have changed in suspension friend contrast, shock absorbers have no pressure, also is to say there is no sense of damping. This phenomenon and the leakage is the same, but there is no leakage fault performance significantly, requires teacher must experience to which is more rapid and accurate interpretation of shock absorber fault, which has a problem in which. Is also a shock absorber top glue fault, the problem is bad judgment. The main faults in the direction of a low speed significantly. A similar 'hitched hitched' sound. Serious about playing direction when a slight vibration of feel on the steering wheel. Shock absorber top glue failure, do not affect a damping can inhibit absorption effect, the direction of a affect just one of a handle. Which is defective in which. Usually shock absorber top glue broken will affect the weight of the one direction and to spirit. Automobile shock absorber maintenance method is what kind of shock absorber is divided into two kinds, one is hydraulic damping, the other one is the air damping. Hydraulic shock absorber is a hydraulic oil in the shock absorber, when the car on the road uneven and jitter occurs, the nature of the hydraulic oil is incompressible, will be a reaction to the sinking of the vehicle, the shock absorber with smaller pressure relief valve, can let the hydraulic oil flows slowly, also is to let the vehicle slow sinking speed. Hydraulic suspension system and a damping spring, shock absorber damping spring work at the same time, can give the car have the effect of buffer shock absorption, reduce the bumpy ride personnel fatigue. Hydraulic shock damage to common are: shock absorber oil spill, shock absorber rubber aging, fall off, damping spring fatigue softening. Shock absorber oil spill: when vehicle, damping effect will greatly reduce until the hydraulic oil light-leaking, car will not shock absorption, unilateral damping oil can make the body high and low, driving wandering caused by the fault. Shock absorber top glue aging, fall off, after falling off the top rubber aging, shake up and down when the car, the shock absorber can directly into the other parts, send out sound, and may further damage to other components. Damping spring fatigue softening: spring stretching ability to drop, when car sank, damping spring cannot give the vehicle a bigger reaction sinking speed of the vehicle will be faster than normal, the effect of shock absorption, buffer will be dropped, as a result of the torsional spring is not fully slow body sinking, shock absorber by hydraulic pressure will increase, quickly lead to shock absorber oil spill.
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