Automobile shock absorber is introduced for details

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
Auto spring damper ( Buffer glue) Is a kind of high elastic rubber products of high tenacity, belongs to the automobile refitting accessories. Used to install in automotive suspension coil spring, the main buffer shock effect and to the shock protection, this function is a physical effect. Buffer rubber appearance is opening round ring, and each has a groove ( Used for spiral spring) Side, two, three or more holes. According to the standard specifications of spring spacing, buffer rubber into A + A, A, B, C, D, E, F 7 kinds of standard models. Theory, these seven models may include the global most of the helical spring suspension models required. Buffer rubber has also called cushion, cushion, cushion block, damping rubber, rubber suspension, etc. , the most widely is the full name of the right 'automobile rubber Spring Buffer', English name is Car Spring Buffer Retainer. Role in automobile shock absorber is through the use of hydraulic spring damping function, when the car collided in an instant, buffer can play a buffer action to reduce the destruction degree after two cars crashed into each other, to improve the safety of cars and people. In general, for a new car, damping buffer is to make driving more comfortable effect; But when damping spring with long, often due to a lack of flexibility and weakening phenomenon, response is not sensitive, easy to cause accident. Characteristics 1, by using buffer principle of luxury cars, improve vehicle suspension performance. 2, to reduce the noise produced by shock absorber is damaged and aging. 3, can alleviate fatigue after a long drive. 4, effectively solve the problem of weak shock absorber spring, shock absorber performance. 5, protect damper and suspension system, avoid shock core oil seal leakage. 6, improve the body 3 - 5 cm, restore the height of the original vehicle. 7, shorten braking distance, delay the ageing of the sheet metal, and improve security. 8, a sharp turn, mountain roads, road in the process of the lower speed tripping effect is good, effectively eliminate more than 60% of the rough feeling, increase the comfort of driving. 9, test results can extend the life of the shock absorber for more than 2 times. 10, installation is simple, no screw loose vehicles. 11, is wear-resisting, cold resistant, impact resistance, ageing resistance, water resistance, service life is 2 - For three years. Installation method will first set up the body with a jack and spring water. After the installation is complete, the car damping buffer rotating around a few times, check all the spring into the spring box; Buffer is outer cut ceng fender; Whether the buffer overlap. At the same time, in order to avoid shock at the bottom of the buffer in the process of the car fell to the spring, you need to install the check card. Loose helical spring parts second sprayed with soap and water or lubricants. Then spray the soapy water or lubricants powerful buffer insertion flabby, spiral spring gap after installation qualification, put down the car body can. Finally, the distance between the damping spring is installed damping buffers need to be aware of problems. The distance between the damping spring is exactly equal to the length of the damping buffer. If the squash with the hand more arduous to loosen the screw, the shock to damping spring relaxation 2 - 3 cm. Common problems dealing with damping buffer outside along the cut ceng fender topspin and backspin buffer, get out of the way cut ceng points, but cannot backspin amplitude into spring at the bottom. After upper and lower rotating also cannot avoid the cut point, is to use a sharp knife to cut ceng part of the fender. Overlap due to suspension damping buffer buffer diameter greater than the spring diameter, this case will shock absorption buffer grow overlapping part of cutting off. Cutting to the ends of the cutting on average, the buffer when cutting can't end. Note 1, the elastic damping buffer index is the first point of choose and buy. Qi qi automotive supplies expert advice to get the product, with the hand twisted casually a few times, see if I can back quickly. 2, under normal circumstances, the auto parts installed in the middle of the spring spring damping buffer effect is best. 3, try not to use tools to pry pressure when installing damping buffer, lest damage damping buffer. 4, when installation may cause uneven gap size of damping spring around the balance of body not, so with caution.
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