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by:DEFUS     2020-04-09
Automobile skylight, I believe that for most owners, are only used for ornamental outdoor broader landscape, and improve the level of the vehicle, was unaware of the skylight maintenance can cause little impression. Automobile skylight is parts of the car is more important, a bit does not protect, the rainy day, skylight leaking situation will occur and to drive a lot of trouble. Below, you together to talk about how car skylight maintenance topic 1. Daub after lubrication skylight in daily use, the slippery course of skylight and crevices, will accumulate a lot of dust and sand, if you don't have to clean up a lot, will cause the skylight slides and aperture jams, wait for next time use, can appear slack fault, and so on. General sunroof is best in every three months for a maintenance. To the naked eye can see sand and dirt to sort out, and then clean them with a damp cloth. Wait for dry after, can put a handful of lubricating oil. Also, pay attention to, while oil has the effect of lubricating oil and butter, but both are larger than the lubricating oil viscosity, it is easy to scuttle stick on more dirty things. 2. Keep skylight is often used, but not frequently skylight use too little number, at the time of use, skylight will be a squeaking sound. Because the orbit of skylight and the gap is easy to accumulate dust and sand, plus don't clean up and don't use it for a long time, can cause serious wear and tear to the skylight. If skylight often use, cleaning, can avoid this is to happen. But note that the skylight is also part of the window, but is not the same as other window structure, but also much jiao qi, so we should not be too frequent use frequency. 3. Winter maintenance during the winter, car outside often covered by thick snow and ice to live, coupled with the car stopped after a night in the outside, the orbit of skylight and the gap is likely to be the dew to frozen up. If forced open sunroof motor and sealing strip is easy to damage. Due to stay in the car. Let the vehicle temperature rise, ensure that skylight on snow and ice to defrost completely before open the skylight. Above is the skylight maintenance method, skylight is the relatively small configuration, advantages and disadvantages, the owners bring a good driving conditions at the same time may cause some problems. But no maintenance skylight, like the engine, so complicated, just need to take time every two or three months for maintenance.
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