Automobile tire chain models have? Car is how the price of chain

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
Many people don't know car chain, don't know how to use the right car chain. Chain is to prevent our car tire slippage phenomenon occurring in rain and snow weather and installation of a kind of auto safety products. And everybody about the next car tire chain models have? Car is how the price of chain? Automobile tire chain model what are 1, BXL - 701155 r12, 155/65 r13 liuzhou wuling, the songhua river. 2,BWXL - 702175/70 r13 r13 r14, 175/60, 165/70, 160/70 r13 r13, 165/70, 175/65 r14 changan star, xiali, wuling light, nac optimal monica/xinya road, chery QQ, geely us-japan star, 203, the means, the new swift horse lofty sentiments, wuling hong road, etc. 3,BWXL - 185/60 195/60 703185/70 165/70 r13, r14, r14, r14 r14 r15 r14, 185/60, 175/65, 185/65, 175/70 r14, 195/50 r15 new sail/aveo, Elysee, fukang, Peugeot 206, carnival, santana, jetta, chery, POLO/al gore, the lifan 520, Mazda family, mariana, buick excelle, maple, palio, vios, fit, and stretch, Seine, swift, appearance, ling landed gentry, wheeler, hafei, hainan Mazda, etc. 4,BWXL - 704185/65 r15, 195/60 r16 r15 r15, 195/55, 205/45, 195/65 r15 nissan versa/versa, Citroen, pablo Picasso, the byd F3, POLO strength affection/POLO, Beijing hyundai elantra, faw Toyota prius/corolla, cerato, arose 2. 0 accord, Renault's landscape, the old one. 5,BWXL - R16 705185/80 r15 r14, 205/65, 205/65, 195/65 r15 r16 r16 r15, 205/60, 205/55, 195/70, 185 r14 r15 r14, 205/60, 195/70, 205/70 r15 audi A6, mondeo, sonata, BMW, mercedes-benz, accord, sea lions, Peugeot 307, jinbei, passat, Mazda 6, blue jays, epica, baolai, golf, ling landed gentry, junjie, soar team, pentium, southeast delica, freeca, civic, chery, the son of the east kia ship far, sylphy, arose 2. 4, the red flag, fox and so on. 6,BWXL - 706215/65 r14, 215/50 r17 r17 r14, 215/45, 215/55, 215/45 r16, 195 r16 r14, 215/55, 205/65 r16 Mr Rand, guangdong samsung, audi A6T, porsche and so on. 6,BWXL - R15 r16 r16, 225/60, 215/70, 707215/65, 215/60 r16 r15 r15 r16, 225/55, 215/75, 215/65, 235/45 r17 r14 r17, 215/75, 215/60, 215/55 r17 r15 r17 r15, 215/60, 205/75, 205/70, 225/50 245/45 r17 r17, BMW 5, crown, buick regal, mitsubishi, randy, camry, reiz 2. 5, Beijing hyundai sonata, rex, zhengzhou nissan pickup, jiangling bible/transit, Toyota camry, nissan teana, poise, CRV, Odyssey, Tucson, Mr Rand, guangdong samsung, audi A6T, hummer, Chrysler, lexus, Renault, jaguar, land rover, lotus, Lincoln, opel, Volvo, etc. 7 WXL - R15, 650 r15 r16, 225/70, 708235/70, 225/55 r17 r15 r17, 245/45, 235/75, 235/60 r16 r16 r16 r16, 235/70, 225/70, 235/60, 255/45 r18 r17 r17, 225/65, 245/65, 235/55 r18, 225/60 r18 Cadillac, saif, iveco, suv, harvard. 8日,BWXL - R16 709245/70, 265/70 r17 r18 r15, 245/50, 245/65, 245/75 r16, 245/60 r17, 225/60 r18 Toyota RAV4, ford escape. 9日,BWXL - 710275/70R16,700R16,265/65R17,265/70R16, 31 * 10。 50 r15 Toyota bullying/exam, 4500 / prado/sandking ( Land cruiser) , pajero, suzuki, mitsubishi, Toyota FJ. 10,BWXL - 11, BWXL - 71211 r22。 5、12 r22。 5, 29. 80 r22。 5 yutong bus, Mercedes team, Volvo team, bus, zhengzhou yutong, jinlong, zhongtong coach, mourinho, alvin, jiang passenger cars, shaolin bus, dandong yellow sea, Shanghai '. Automotive chain is how to 1, the price of beef tendon, TPU chain. Beef tendon chain installation is convenient, as long as chain flat out on the floor, the car drive slowly up again take up can be fixed on the driving wheel, with the help of jack installation will be more convenient. The price is in 260 - 500 yuan, Two tyres) 。 2, the chain chain. This kind of chains have simple trapezoidal shape and the diamond, the former is for truck more, which is the car use. Diamond because chains more protection than trapezoidal chains, less so on tire wear. About 140 - ordinary car diamond chain 180 yuan, Two tyres) , cheap also has around 80. 3, rubber chain. Because in rubber made from finished products need to add carbon black as reinforcing agent in the process, so the rubber chain like tires, only a black color. Because of the production process and the causes of the cost of raw materials, rubber chain price isn't cheap. The chain of the car price is not expensive, a set of ( Two driving wheels a respectively, called a set) Chain retail price in 200 yuan ( Regardless of the installation) , snow will be your point may sell for 400 ~ 500 yuan, if in the case of snow day and out of stock will be more expensive, even sell for 1000 dollars. More about 'the automobile tire chain models have? Automotive chain price is how to 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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