Automotive chain how to install? The chain should pay attention to what use

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
Chain is usually made of steel or rubber chain chain, has the function of skid. According to the structure can be divided into two kinds: the chain is a chain that has pick up into a cover; The other is a cross installed a couple of single chain, it is simple and cheap, but easy installation and is better than the former. China auto parts below small make up with all of you on automotive chains on how to install? The use of the chain to pay attention to what? Automotive chains on how to install 1, the side of the vehicle driving wheel with a jack to lift ( Don't jack installation method in the back) 。 Below the rubber chain expansion, tile on wheels. Immediately filed to meet above the wheels on both ends of the chain, makes the chain parcel on wheels. Note: the metal hook side outwards. 2, with both hands and wheel in side the side hook hook chain. 3, on the outside by hand pull chain net body outward ( A lot of people to install, says that the outside of the hook is very difficult to hang, this is because at the time of hanging in the side hook chain chain moved into the body, lead to the outside diameter) , when necessary, with their feet to resist the wheel hard can also, don't worry about the chain is broken, and rubber chain less vulnerable. 4, this is the appearance of finish pull when, you can see the outside of the hook haven't hang up, the next step is to hang the outside of the hook. 5, took out from inside the box rubber rope, a rope is made up of three rubber rope, the thickness is different, respectively and the elasticity is very strong, so can make driving in the process of rubber chain wrapped tightly with wheels. Edge line of a metal hook, hook hook chain ends. Note: the hook opening outwards, never took a, otherwise your tires are out of luck. 6, we can then add the rope at this moment. Begin to install the thin rope ( Use the installation wrench will make you more effort) Installation, pay attention to from the diagonal direction, so that the rubber rope pulling force can be evenly distributed. Thin rope like a rubber band better install ( Despite the hard, don't be afraid to break, elasticity and strength than you think) , pull hook on the outside of each line. 7, installation of the medium thickness that with rope, installation method, keep up with the step may be a little hard than thin, also don't be afraid to break! 8, with rope in the final installation of the coarse, installation method as above. 9, after the installation check: 1, the hook is installed inside and outside joint. 2, rope if linked to the outside all hang up. 3, rubber chain in contact with the body is there a place. 4, the clearance between the wheel rim and the chain body is roughly the same, and presence of eccentric. 5, commissioning of 100 meters, see if there is something wrong. 10, together with jack will make the installation more convenient. If there is no jack, so at the time of the first step to chain spread out on the ground, located on the front wheels, and then slowly move the vehicle, the rubber chain wheel across in the middle part. Chain to pay attention to in the use of which in the use of the chain should pay attention to the following aspects: well before the trip chain, and not in snow and ice road surface again after installation, for temporary parking chain installation than installation trouble ahead of time, is unfavorable to safety. Before installation, remove to vehicle parking in safety. Such as in a busy road, you need to set up the necessary traffic warning signs. Do not install in the case of flat tyre chain. Chain also has the size limit, suitable for different wheel and tire width size, pay attention to choose to suit the wheel size chain. After installing chain, speed is generally not more than 40 km/h, and pay attention to as far as possible avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration. When the vehicle without using chain please timely discharge chain when the road surface. Chain is not designed for trailer and tractor. Homemade chain in cold region, some owners, so although can temporarily solve the problem, but not worth promoting. More about 'car chain how to install? Chain should pay attention to what 'in the use of the contents of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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