Automotive maintenance small class: 'heart' also need 'great care' - DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-10
We will explain how to maintain the car engine for everyone. For many, 'heart' as the car engine, you just need to normally without common sense mistakes, but we in order to stay healthy, they usually will buy some supplements to prevent disease, let alone a car. The role of the engine, as you know, popular said is to generate power machinery, here, we will not dwell on the engine function and principle of direct, to get down to business daily maintenance of the engine. Daily maintenance can be divided into three categories: engine oil, cleaning, maintenance and repair. For engine oil is to reduce engine friction all moving parts, lubrication effect, of course, in addition to the lubrication, it also can pass the cleaning, cooling, antirust and seal, antioxidant, cushion and so on to make generator in good condition. So, don't for a few dollars cheaper to buy bad oil, this will only make you lose more. Antifreeze for each owner also not strange, as 'warm' of the car engine, choose low freezing point, high boiling point of antifreeze can make for good engine cooling water tanks, prevent engine damage because of the high temperature. In general, antifreeze can use a year or fifty thousand km, so be sure to replace the antifreeze in time. Said to have to talk about water tank cleaning. For engine water tank rust and scale is the norm, if ignored can restrict the flow of antifreeze, leading to the emergence of the heat dissipation problem and, in turn, damage to the engine, so be sure to ratio of antifreeze. In addition, in use process, the engine prone to carbon deposition phenomenon, so we should often the engine clean, if long time not to remove carbon, fuel consumption increase, start is difficult, idle instability and other issues also emerged, increasing vehicle measures. At last we look at the cars '/', this '/' air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, just as its name implies is to air, gasoline and oil filters, to protect the engine at the same time improve the efficiency of the engine. If you want to change the oil, the oil filter also need to be replaced at the same time, if don't change for a long time, the oil filter impurities inside too much to cause a decline in oil pressure, engine parts also will lose the oil lubrication, which leads to reduce the engine life. In general, the replacement of oil filter has to be replaced twice an air filter, don't think to save money literally blow it clean can continue to use, in fact the old air filter filter hole is much bigger than the original early, if you don't replace or only do clean up continue to use, a lot of dust on carbon deposition 'win-win co-operation', he asked you are afraid of. Fuel filter doesn't need I say more, its importance is known to all. In the process of driving at ordinary times, we should consider for the motors, try not to the accelerator pedal, also do not want to keep the engine at low speed or high speed for a long time, to keep the engine appear overload phenomenon, but also regularly check engine, replacing spark plugs, all parts of the bolt and nut are carefully check, ensure the normal operation of the engine.
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