Automotive sealing glair can maintain how long? Just seal glair car to pay attention to

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
Sealing glair is wool or with soft sponge the cast machine high speed vibration and friction, the use of glaze unique resistance and adhesion of the molecular strongly infiltrate the car paint surface cracks. Make the paint also has the characteristics of glaze. China auto parts below small make up with all of you on the car seal glair can maintain how long? Just seal glair car to pay attention to? Automotive sealing glair understands how long can keep small make up, general sealing glair manufacturers can guarantee to you for a seal glair beauty without wax can 2 to 3 years. But it is not very accurate. Glaze is a membrane. The usage of the car with you and the number of air environment, wash the car has a direct relationship. Finish sealing glaze and maintenance of good general car for about a year or so will be again a second time. The car after sealing glair, paint can achieve even more than the original paint effect. Make the trade, new car. And at the same time with high temperature resistance, sealing, antioxidant, whitening, washable, acid proof, corrosion resistance, etc. Also for the future automobile beauty, the lacquer that bake, refurbished laid a foundation. Old car should do seal glair as early as possible. If the car over a period of time, the dust particles in the air and not professional car wash process would be left in the car paint surface of many tiny scratches. These scratches under the lights will form a thick concentric circles. Commonly known as 'sun circle'. And sealing glair is like scratches on repairing watches with toothpaste, can repair after polishing machine will paint, polishing. Have the effect of paint renovation. Car seal glair glaze, in fact, a kind of hurt primer from petroleum by-products of antioxidants. The role of sealing glair have car, to prevent the oxidation of paint, corrosion, paint, wear-resisting, and keep the paint color and brightness, etc. Sealing glair, make the car paint surface as cover on a layer of protective film, prolong the life of paint, reduce the number of wax in a year. Don't wash the car after sealing glair, and as in the car wash, remember do not use alkaline detergent, should clean with neutral detergent, otherwise it will damage gloss effect. Sealing glair must choose high quality glaze, like the United States, France, Germany and other places in the production of high and new technology glaze, has very good effect. Is some imported the high quality of glaze. Therefore, for automotive sealing glair wounded don't paint, completely don't have to worry about, if the car paint, the item is not white do, or don't do it, and costly. Out of such concerns, may be part of the owners, encountered no professional car beauty shop, homework personnel because of non-standard operation, or careless, or with the beauty of materials do not conform to the market norms, etc. , made a series of problems. For automotive beauty seal glair must go to professional automotive beauty chain services, not doing can make adjustments, so can reduce owners worry, afraid of being pit, got ripped off again. However, for a new car do you want to seal glair, according to the owner's personal preference, you can try wax, and then to sealing glair is fine. Just seal glair car should pay attention to what don't rinse the car after 1, 8 h, because at that time, glaze layer has not been completely condensation and will continue to infiltrate inside the paint, if then rinse rinse immature glaze. Can be anti-static after 2, sealing glaze and body with dust blows gently with duster a few times. 3, at ordinary times don't wax, because the wax layer may be adhesion in glaze surface, if three years later when additional glaze for wax layer of isolation and affect the effect of sealing glair. More about 'car seal glair can maintain how long? Just seal glair car should pay attention to what the content of the 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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