Automotive sealing glair is what seal glair have what use?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
Automotive sealing glair is what seal glair have what use? Driving a car with glaze new car light can prolong the service life of automobile paint and slow fade; Of course, if you can seal the glaze of the old car, the effect will be more obvious, because a kind of technology which can restore and lighten the oxidation and faded paint. Have decoration effect. What, then, glaze materials used in car? Automotive sealing glair is what we often say the glaze is, in fact, a kind of antioxidants from petroleum by-products. Characteristic is acid proof, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, water resistance, strong penetration, strong adhesion, high gloss, etc. With a soft wool or sponge the cast machine high speed vibration and friction, the use of glaze unique resistance and adhesion of the molecular strongly infiltrate into the aperture of car paint surface, make the paint also has the characteristics of the glaze, which have the characteristics of beautiful and protection for the car paint. Sealing glair of hairdressing effect is not as straightforward as touch-up, sticker, the, good or bad can't immediately discernible, a colorless, transparent layer of protection layer, common owner it is difficult to identify true and false. But the owner can supervise the construction, from the operating steps and use products and processing time to indirect identification, in order to make sure they don't spend money. Sealing glair beauty process has five, homework time is about 4 ~ 5 hours. The first step: neutral cleaning. Don't look at cleaning it, but is very exquisite. Use neutral detergent to, because of alkaline detergent corrosion paint, if the remaining in the cracks in the body, corrosion resistance is bigger. Step 2: clay grinding. Due to long-term accumulation of dust, glue, paint and other dirt is difficult to rely on to clean and remove, so after washing the car paint surface is still a bit of rough rough, it will need to use a fine ash derived from 'decontamination clay' thoroughly cleaned. Step 3: deep clean. Like people on the skin pores to clean up, paint also need to clean pores. Using electrostatic polishing wheel, brightening agent, the rotating at the same time produce electrostatic, sucked out dirt in pores. At the same time, brightening agent to infiltrate inside the car paint, reduction reaction, paint such as new brightening effect can be achieved. Promises to another function is to flatten the car paint surface fine soft scrapes. Step 4: vibration seal glair. This is the key step in the seal glair beauty. Under the special vibration extrusion of the cast machine, press similar glaze protectant was deeply into the paint within the pores of forming reticular layer, attached to the car paint surface. Protectant contain UV ultraviolet protective agent, the sun radiation can be greatly reduced, and can resist acid and alkali and other chemical ingredients of erosion. Step 5: clean polished. With air-laid paper finally honed over the body, can make the car paint as bright as mirror. What's the use of car seal glair? Car seal glair can form a layer of surface defects such as 'tang three-color' pottery products appearance coated layer of protective film, I have every ultraviolet ray, prevent oxidation, withstand high temperatures and the function of the acid rain. Made of ash in paint carefully wipe decontamination clay, in addition to the dust, oil pollution. With electrostatic cooperate with our agent, then remove the car paint surface adhesion of debris and the level of oxidation, make slight scar flattening filled. At the same time make the potion seeping into the reduction of changes in the paint, such as new brightening effect. Then cast using special vibration machine will be similar to glaze protective agent through vibration extrusion into the pores of the paint, the infrared lamp illumination of, make the form as the solid mesh cover, inside it is rich in UV ultraviolet agent, can significantly reduce UV damage to paint, and can prevent the chemicals such as acid and alkali corrosion.
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