Automotive spare tire can use for a long time, please spare tire can use how long

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
Automotive spare tire can use for a long time, please spare tire how long can be used in our daily driving, we will inevitably encounter all sorts of problems, such as tire blowout or leakage, then we need to play the role of spare tire at this time. However, when you ask, could the spare tire many friends are not very familiar with this. The automobile spare tire for how long? Automobile spare tire can be use for a long time? Let's explore today. Automobile spare tire can use for a long time you can't. Automobile spare tire and tire vary, due to the special spare tire, in the process of using or storage will appear different degrees of aging, long-term use may appear the phenomenon of performance degradation, daily use process need to inspect the spare tire, avoid abnormal during use, affect the normal use. Attached: automobile spare tire use note: 1, the spare tire does not use for a long time to also want to change regularly: tire rubber products, storage and use will be the aging time is too long, need a complete process of automobile spare tire has a certain understanding, use commonly 4 years or so spare tire will change in time, avoid when use appear safe hidden trouble. 2, regular check spare tire: automobile spare tire also cannot be ignored in daily use and maintenance project, the main check spare tire pressure and abrasion and crack, if automobile spare tire wear to wear signs, need timely replacement tires, if you have any small spare tire lateral crack also need to be processed in a timely manner. 3, spare tire cannot be used for a long time: the original automobile spare tire production time and bus tire there may be differences, the deformation of tire aging or time is different also, long time no use security, automobile spare tire can be used for emergency, but cannot be used for a long time, need to be replaced in a timely manner. 4, spare tire pressure: spare tire pressure is also very important, when use need to adjust the tire pressure of a good spare tire, general spare tire pressure is higher, the spare tire tire pressure is high to ensure that the shape of a spare tire, when using the spare tire also can reduce the probability of blowout, Ann equipment tyres need adjust tire pressure. 5, control the speed: automobile spare tire vary in size and the original tyres, when use need to control the speed, the general case it is advisable to had better not more than 80 km/h, when using the spare tire speed too fast will affect driving safety, spare tire also need to pay attention to the corrosion during storage, if tires stick to grease, to timely with neutral detergent to wash the oil, so as not to affect the service life of the spare tire. Automobile spare tire can use how long this said and no restrictions have been placed on how long, with a two or three days is no problem, but you can never use spare tire for too long, need to be replaced in a timely manner to the nearest motor repair shop new tyres. In particular, some not full size spare tire ( Smaller than normal tire size) , it is easy to cause the car running deviation phenomenon, go down for a long time will affect the normal tyre wear. Second, because the spare tire use frequency is low, so after change into spare tire, four natural is different, the friction coefficient of the tire will not only affect the moving vehicle, and the car can also cause some damage. So this could explain why, can't use spare time is too long. Automobile spare tire can use for a long time, please believe that a lot of friends have such a thought, think the spare tire can be 'long life', because at ordinary times is always in the trunk, and nothing to wear. But in fact this kind of idea is wrong, automobile spare tire is not can use for a long time, though not to use certain mileage, but spare tire just like ordinary tires, belongs to a kind of rubber products, natural there is a corresponding service life ( It is four years commonly) 。 If the storage time is too long will appear the phenomenon of aging, there is a big influence on the performance of the spare tire. Alone, of course, the service life of the spare tire is a little too hasty, eventually to be determined according to the actual situation of the spare tire. If the tread a significant crack ( Cracks) Or rubber harden, spare tire of aging degree is very serious. If continue to use the words to ignore, is likely to cause a blowout. So, we must regularly check the spare tire, especially for two or three years, would be much need to pay attention to.
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