Automotive spring steel plate do knife please spring steel is steel

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
Automotive spring steel plate do knife please spring steel sheet is what steel what is spring? How much is the price of steel? How much money a kilogram of spring steel belt? Sk5 prove sup7 spring steel spring steel material have all material certificate hard spring steel cars with high wear-resisting spring steel plate. Auto spring steel knife please spring plate, good material, in addition to love rust, heat-treatment qualified daily use goods actually problem is not big but this can only say that good, more high performance are not enough, cheap and good heat treatment process is simple and mature, do long knife knife didn't highlight the advantages of huge advantage automobile steel plate are mostly of low carbon high manganese steel. Before a burst of high manganese steel are critical died. Love is the rust of calculate, hardness is not high also. Folk blacksmiths heat treatment also basic can't compare with serious manufacturer of vacuum heat treatment. Many kinds of car plate also see part points. Most of them are low carbon steel, can't do it. If it is a heavy truck on the bridge before and after the spring steel knives are ok. Qualified bow plate is 60 si2mn more, is a kind of good material for knife, high manganese steel is segments, drivers to dig teeth, cold hard material, even without magnetic, you mixed up. Played a knife, the use is ok still, hardness is not too high but fortunately are good toughness and practical words can be, after all, it was cheap. Car bow plate, if the thickness of the hands of individuals within the scope of 5 or 6 mm can still go! This process simple! If is too thick to abandon it. What is auto spring steel plate steel roof to introduce sk5 spring steel top '-' for you Sk5 spring steel product performance: it has good fatigue resistance performance, after bending, no crack and has the very good elasticity and softness, purity even without trachoma, decarburization and surface excellent results after plating, plus or minus tolerance evenly, high precision, has the very good resistance to high ( Low) Temperature quenching circuit and other advantages. The top '- Sk5 product use spring steel products are widely used in air conditioning compressor valve plates, shock absorber valve plates, knitting machine parts, clutch diaphragm spring, sinker, knitting needle, ring belt, all kinds of printing blade, metal stamping, shrapnel, clockwork, stone chisel, stretching pieces, and spring applications '- Sk5 spring steel products chemical composition: C carbon manganese silicon Si Mn sulfur S phosphorus P0. 80 - 0. 90 0. 10 - 0. 35 0. 10 - 0. 50 ≤0. 030 ≤0. 030 to allow residual content: nickel chrome Ni Cr copper Cu 0 or less. 20、≤0. 12 ≤0. 25、≤0. 10 ≤0. 30、≤0. 2 top 'supply SUP7 spring steel chemical composition: carbon C: 0. 56 ~ 0. 64 Si Si: 1. 50 ~ 2. 00 manganese Mn: 0. 60 ~ 0. 90 S: sulfur 0 or less. 035 P P: 0 or less. 035 chromium Cr: 0 or less. Ni Ni: 35 0 or less. 35 copper Cu: 0 or less. Top 25 'SUP7 spring steel characteristics and scope of application: top' SUP7 spring steel widely used silicon manganese spring steel, strength, elasticity and hardenability is 55 si2mn slightly higher. Suitable for railway vehicle, car, tractor industry sector of spring production under high load or wire diameter under 30 mm coil spring, also suitable for making working temperature below 250 ℃ hot spring in the corrosive medium and under alternating load and working under high stress of large important coiling spring. Top 'supply SUP7 spring steel mechanical properties: tensile strength sigma b ( MPa) :≥1274( 130). Yield strength sigma s ( MPa) :≥1176( 120). Elongation delta 10 ( %) A: 5 or more reduction of area bits ( %) : 25 or higher hardness: hot rolled, 321 hb or less; Cold-drawn + heat treatment, the top 321 hb 'or less supply SUP7 spring steel heat treatment specification and metallographic organization: heat treatment specification: 870 ℃ quenching + 20 ℃, oil cooling; 480 ℃ tempering + 50 ℃ ( Special needs, plus or minus 30 ℃) 。 Microstructure: tempered troostite. Delivery status: hot rolled steel with heat treatment or not heat treatment state delivery, cold drawn steel with heat treatment state delivery.
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