Baldwin iv intro and biography

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
Baldwin iv ( Baldwin IV of prominent, 1161-1185) O, the king of the kingdom of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, malik I ( AmalricⅠof耶路撒冷) With Kurt nai Agnes ( 艾格尼丝的中标价) The son of, that is, in 1174. According to its teacher tyre, William Baldwin iv military ability outstanding, it is said that in November 25, 1177 at the age of 16 battle at giza, in Montana, Montgisard) Led hundreds of knights and thousands of infantry in twenty thousand soldiers defeated saladin. In 1185, Baldwin iv of leprosy deterioration and die young, just 24 years old. Early intro Baldwin iv acceded to the throne, the count Raymond tripoli iii was chosen as the regent, the king of domestic divide into two parties. The radiant with Raymond iii, hospital and sidon Leonard, ibelin ( Ibelin) Family and torun Jeffrey local knight to one side. The knights templar and Kurt nai ( Courtenay) And Lv Xi Leon family ( Lusignan) Such as the new knight to the other party. In 1175, antiochus reina, and Joseph was released from aleppo back, Lin also joined the party. Due to Baldwin iv ever had leprosy as a child, his life unable to rule, the court began to civil unrest. Kingdom of Jerusalem in its initial stage under the monarchy of continuous several talented after reaching jisheng, finally under a weak king began to decline. Life was in 1177, the war of the giza saladin in plan to recapture Jerusalem from Egypt, Syria will be occupied in the Franks Baldwin iv blockade in ascalon. The Egyptian army has more than 26000 soldiers (original 8000 (tassin Toassin) And 18000 la ancient ram ( Qaraghulams) , they are all cavalry, plus the camel and mule infantry) , they were scattered looting that no enemy between them to Jerusalem. But Baldwin iv succeeded in concentration (375-500 knight The knights templar including 80 from gaza) And less than 3000 infantry, they avoid the small intercept forces of Egypt, across the valley, This valley near fort at giza, Mongolia) That saladin big shock troops. Many of the Egyptian army is looting, others in the camp, Franks's attack was a complete surprise. They are only loosely organized war time, their troops into chaos, people turn around and even tried to under the charge of Franks reorganization of their formation. Under such circumstances, inevitably, some units even in games before routing Franks and ran away, those who stay troops were almost completely annihilated. Saladin himself in his personal guard ( One thousand mamluk) Under the cover of escape. Franks achieved complete victory, the Egyptian army abandoned their trophies, the trench and captive. In addition, the Egyptian army losses in the battle, and when to retreat the disturbed by bedouin, causing a greater loss. Franks huge losses, also of the head of records, order of hospital 【 Frank. Lost 1100 people and wounded at least 750 people. Under the leadership of the Baldwin iv, frank troops to victory, but this victory could not save their tragic fate, little adverse impact on saladin, and, interestingly, saladin's original fatimid most general officer killed in a friendly and its cronies in the saladin replaced the mamluks. Spring valley in 1179, the war of saladin invaded the class nias and sidon region, a Baldwin iv and the earl of tripoli frank Raymond iii command of the army set out to intercept saladin. On high ground, they looked down at spring valley, to see saladin camp class in the distance of nias, they decided to immediately after down the mountain to the plain, but do it very lightly, the bulk of the infantry army has exhausted due to travel long distances, not with the army quickly along the steep slope. In the face of saladin first skirmisher forces, Franks into plain take several hours ( Assume that most of the infantry to keep up with) , these skirmisher forces had just returned from looting and further to the west, they are frank people attacked and defeated, left many dead bodies. Frank people cheered by his success, many in the head of the knights templar and Raymond iii, under the command of frank cavalry rushed forward to pursue, only to find they face is large, saladin and Muslim forces raced around the large forces fled skirmisher to polymerization. Face the embattled muslims, Franks didn't have time to go to the queue, but even troops into chaos, they managed to crowd in saladin overwhelm and break before they insist on a minute, saladin to defeat them. In the warfare of pursuit and attack, more frank people have been killed or captured, although some people ( Including the king itself) Managed to escape to the fort than ford. The other night in Tibetan people were hunting in the rock and cave until captured, the next day a captive. To be responsible for the disaster of the knights templar head also among the captives.
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