Benefits of car carbon removal

by:DEFUS     2020-05-24
Carbon deposits will cause huge damage to car engines. From the external effect, it will cause power reduction, increase fuel consumption, difficulty in cold start, idle speed jitter, excessive emissions, high water temperature and so on. All of this is caused by internal problems such as clogged fuel injectors, carbon deposits in the intake valve, aging spark plugs, knocking cylinders, and unstable piston stroke. It will also bring about problems such as accelerated aging of the three-way catalyst, unstable oxygen sensor, and poor lubricating effect due to the accelerated deterioration of lubricating oil. Fuel system full-effect cleaner: suitable for unleaded gasoline and ethanol gasoline, it can effectively clean the sludge and carbon deposits in the intake valve, combustion chamber and other parts, improve the engine power and idle speed stability, and regular use can play a role in reducing fuel system failure , Save fuel, energy saving and emission reduction. The benefits of car cleaning up carbon deposits are: 1. Make the fuel treasure more effective. Many people use fuel treasure, because it is really good for cars. However, the same bottle of fuel oil, used in different situations, does have very different effects. If you are driving at a high speed and the car is above 3500 rpm, the working efficiency of the fuel treasure is the highest. The same bottle of fuel treasure can dissolve more carbon deposits than when driving in the urban area; 2. To increase the battery life, many people find it strange that my car can't be driven all the time. Why do I have to run at high speed to not lose power? In fact, this is the case. After two weeks of driving, the battery will be in low power This low battery will remain for about a month before the car will charge it. If the battery maintains a low power state for a long time, the efficiency of the electrolyte and the electrode will become lower. In the long run, the battery will age until it is scrapped; 3. The advantage of running at high speed is to keep the engine at a stable speed so that the generator can charge the battery stably. Down the highway, you will find that your battery is fully charged. Naturally, it is equivalent to increasing the battery life.
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