Benefits of carbon deposits in the cleaning tank

by:DEFUS     2020-05-22
Effectively remove the carbon deposits and impurities in the fuel injection fuel injector nozzle, intake valve neck, intake port and combustion chamber; 2. Effectively solve the problem of vehicle jitter and oil blockage, keep the idling speed smooth, reduce harmful exhaust emissions; In the process of removing carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, it will not damage the oil film on the cylinder wall to prevent abnormal wear of the engine; 4. No damage to various exhaust gas purification devices and oxygen sensor components. The benefits of carbon deposition in the cleaning tank: 1. Efficiently clean the carbon deposits, colloids and other harmful substances inside the engine; 2. Neutralize the long-term harmful acid generated inside the engine. Clean the crankcase PVC valve. Clean valve lifters and hydraulic lifters; 3. Prevent the mixing of old and new engine oil, and remove the sludge and oil film formed by the old engine oil, so as not to reduce the performance of the new engine oil; 4. Improve engine efficiency, reduce noise, reduce fuel and oil consumption. Clean engine lubrication system, enhance the fluidity of engine oil, reduce the temperature of engine, and improve the lubrication efficiency; 5. Avoid burning engine oil.
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