Brake pad replacement cycle life of the brake pad

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Brake pad replacement cycle life of the brake pad. When it comes to brake, I want to say is car brake pads. Brake pad is an important guarantee to ensure that the car safety factors. Because if the braking system has a problem, can cause minor injuries or even smashed up the car, so today, I will tell you some attention problems and braking conditions of use. Brake pads, brake pad replacement cycle generally by steel plate bonding, heat insulation layer and the friction blocks, steel to rust after coating, the coating process using SMT - 4 furnace temperature tracker to detect temperature distribution in the coating process to ensure quality. The heat insulation layer is composed of no heat transfer materials, heat insulation. Friction block is composed of friction materials, adhesives, squeezed when the brake on the brake disc or drum brake friction, so as to achieve the purpose of the vehicle deceleration braking. Because of friction, the friction piece will gradually be wear and tear, generally the lower the cost of the brake pads wear faster. In general, most of the brake pad replacement cycle is in hundreds of kilometers, and according to the usage of their adjustment, brake with much more need to replace in advance, with provinces can be appropriate delay. Someone said that the brake force when the replacement can be, but it is not necessarily the problem of brake pads, replace the brake pads also can not solve, in this case, or go to 4 s shop or repair factory compare an overhaul. , of course, the reference standards or general above a few, a little want to accurate friends can refer to this method, insist on original brake pads and friends in 4 s shop and maintenance, can choose a query in the car maintenance manual, or telephone contact 4 s inn after-sales department consultation. And choose to use other brand brake pads friend, you can according to the brand type of the brake pads, in the brand's website inquiries, also can contact the seller consultation. Eventually, of course, change cycle or want to appropriate adjustments according to the usage of personal. The working principle of the service life of the brake pads are mainly from the friction, use of brake pads and brake disc ( Drum) And tyre friction with the ground, and convert the kinetic energy of vehicle travel into friction heat, will stop the car. A set of efficient braking system must be able to provide a stable, good enough, can control the braking force, and has good hydraulic transmission and heat capacity, to ensure that the driver from the brake pedal force applied by the fully effective to total pump and the pump, and the failure and avoid high fever caused by the hydraulic braking recession. Generally speaking, the front brake pad replacement cycle is 30000 km, after the brake pad replacement cycle is 60000 km, different models may have slight differences. The thickness: a new brake lining thickness in 1. Thickness of 5 cm, with the use of constant friction gradually thinning. When visualizing the thickness of the brake pad has been remaining 1/3 original thickness ( About 0. 5厘米) Or so. Owners will increase frequency of self-inspection, ready for replacement. A few models due to wheel hub design, does not have the condition of macroscopic view, need to remove the tires to complete. Listening: if in tapping the brakes at the same time accompanied by 'iron ceng iron filar silk or tao cries, It is possible that the brake pads at the beginning of running-in effect when installation) And the brake pads must be replaced immediately. By foot feeling: if walk to feel very hard, often need to put the brakes on deeper to reach past the braking effect, or adopt emergency brake will obviously feel the pedal position is low, there may be the fundamental already loss of friction, brake pads must be replaced at this moment. More about 'the service life of the brake pad brake pad replacement cycle' the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention. , your car's warm harbor!
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