Brake pads will be hidden? How to judge the wear pads

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
Brake pads for a car, can be said to be quite important part, but if once it with longer, in daily wear and tear degree increased gradually, under the condition of low efficiency and safety brake will reduce, so should be replaced periodically, once there is a problem, will be a serious hidden trouble in driving, consequence is unimaginable. Next and everybody about the brake pads will be hidden? How to judge the wear pads? Brake pads will be hidden danger brake pads wear into a third car factory new brake lining thickness in 1. 5 cm, with each car driving habits of the different distance and owners, car brake pads wear degree is different also, when the brake pads after thinning, the most obvious is that feeling is the brake pedal stroke get longer, if it is found that the thickness of the brake pad is about one-third that of the new ( 3 - 5 mm) , it need to cause high alert, increase the check frequency, ready to replace the new brake pads. The brake pads wear light is lit up for the thickness of the brake pads is bad judgment owners, see the car brake pads wear light is simple, everyone know that light is used to display each car dashboard system working condition, if the car can have the alarm indicator, and illustrate the car some problems, many car brake pads sensor cable, 2 - when the brake pads wear to a certain degree 3 mm, the brake pads wear and tear on the dashboard light will light up, at this point attention need to be replaced immediately, has to wear limit, to continue driving is easy to occur the hidden trouble of the vehicle is out of control, brake pads and induction line needs to change. Listening to the sound and feel the brakes of the state in the process of driving at ordinary times, if at the time of braking hear more harsh metal friction or find the brake when the vehicle running deviation. Pedal stroke increases, you need to carefully check the vehicle's braking system, to check whether the brake pads wear out to the limit, need to change, also check the brake disc is there appear wear away, prevent because of brake failure cause serious traffic accident, generally need to increase the inspection frequency of more than 30000 kilometers, brake pad life and personal habits also have very big concern, on the road to do receiving slowdown ahead of time, not all emergency brakes, save already so, also can prolong the service life of brake pads. Brake pads how to judge the wear degree of the thickness of the brake pads, brake lining thickness is a big effect on the braking performance, general new brake lining thickness of 1. 5 cm, when its wear and tear to only 0. About 3 cm thickness, owners must pay attention! Want to remind everybody is, don't wait only 0. 3 cm to change again, when wear to only 0. When I was 5 cm can consider replacement. Instrument tip: nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, almost all of the vehicles are equipped with such a basic functions, problems is if brake pads, brake warning light on the dashboard will light up, remind the driver to brake problems, timely inspection on brake pads and make a change. Voice: brake pads for more iron, bad thing is rainy weather and long time parking is very easy to rust, hearing the hiss of friction brakes the meeting at this time. In a short period of time the voice is normal phenomenon, but if this sound in the long run with, the owner should be timely to its replacement. This phenomena show that the wear of brake pad was beyond the limit, if let this phenomenon in continue, will affect the brake disc, so long sputtering means there is something wrong with brake pads. Brake response: due to the brake, often can be used as long as the feel brake insensitive, the brake pads should be replaced at this time. More about 'brake pads will be hidden? Brake pads how to judge the wear degree 'all content, in the hope that useful to everyone.
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