Bring your cloth it will take what to notice? After the rain with dishcloth directly it will take

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
During our daily use, the car surface besmirch is inevitable, then the candidate a good it will take tool is the key. China auto parts below small make up and talk to explain his pick up the dishcloth it will take what to notice? After the rain with dishcloth directly it will take? Take cloth it will take what to pay attention to 1, first of all, don't use the ordinary household cloth, paint itself is not easy to be scratched, but the light of the car paint surface layer is very fragile. Ordinary household cloth will leave tiny scratches in car paint surface, accelerated aging lacquer surface. 2, choose soft it will take. It will take the cloth is soft, soft hair long time use will not damage the paint. As far as possible choose superfine fibre, so it will take the cloth is soft, is better than pure cotton. It will take the cloth of 3, choose the right size. Generally it will take smaller is better than common towel, or the same. Too much of it will take this cloth is not personal use, but also to use scrub very inconvenient. 4, choose water imbibition is strong it will take. It will take more is better, water imbibition cloth washing the car, it will take the cloth need to soak it will take, if less water imbibition, wet towel slowly, too dry towel can scratch the paint. Before the towel to prepare when it will take cloth, water imbibition test is better. It will take 5, don't shed hair cloth. Some inferior, it will take cloth to use often maomao, car wash car surface after all is maomao, it's hard to clean up. So when buying it will take the cloth to gently pull a pull maomao, will fall as well, if you can't pull it off for. It will take cloth 6, select set of hands. Sometimes it will take the cloth can be set on the hand, it will take the practical in the winter, can avoid cold hands. Choice so that it will take some cloth to thick is better, the price may be relatively higher. 7, prepare some it will take more cloth. When the car it will take a piece of often not enough, it will take cloth'd better prepare a few more, wipe on the surface of the car, it will take interior, such as rub tire. His each such use is good, also won't dirty car. 8, it will take car shampoo, if choose wrong it will take washing liquid as well as simple with clean water, or damage to the car paint is very big, but if you want to wash clean, especially pay attention to maintain their vehicles on car, you must use car shampoo, so how to choose the car shampoo? Washing liquid must not use strong alkaline detergent and soap powder, although strong alkaline detergent decontamination ability is very strong, but has great damage to the car paint, use for a long time, will soon find the aging speed of car paint soon without luster, generally right is to choose the special washing liquid, PH value is neutral, contains more water wax ingredients, without erosion paint hisoft to car body moisturizing efficacy of care. 9, it will take way of water, the surface of the vehicle are often have a lot of mud, dust and sand flushing too direct, too much pressure, sediment easily leave tiny scratches on the surface of the car, so be sure not to flush and clean the car surface, the correct method is to use wet the surface of the car first, and then put on the car shampoo - Spray on the surface of car, such as two minutes in gently a rinse with clear water surface, so most of the sand and mud flow down, and then use the sponge and other professional clear tool scrub vehicles. 10, it will take time, depending on the degree of clean vehicle flexibility, don't be too hard-working as it will take as far as possible without dirty every day, it will take, or can reduce the service life of paint, but for the bad weather, dirty car should timely cleaning, corrosion, anyway. 11, in the process of it will take, it will take professional tool for professional positions, and the order of the forklift truck should from top to bottom, with a soft towel dry up the water damage of car body, and a professional vacuum cleaner in the vehicle vacuuming processing. With dishcloth directly after the rain it will take you, in fact, car is very fragile in rainy day, not only to present the state of the acidic rain can damage cars, and rainy days of vehicle body was covered a layer of soil, the soil layer like fine sandpaper package on car body, once there is friction, like use sand paper to grind paint. With dishcloth directly again if this time it will take, or secondary damage the body. After the rain with dishcloth directly, therefore, it will take is destroyed. At the same time, if you do not clean the rain water stains on the surface of the paint as soon as possible, will not only affect beautiful, and the time for a long time will damage the paint. If watermark penetrate more deeply, only wax is playing out, going to car hairdressing general maintenance, with a mirror polishing wax. More about 'pick up the dishcloth it will take what to notice? With dishcloth directly after the rain it will take for the contents of the 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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