Bumper effect have? What are bumper protection

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
Today's car front and rear bumpers in addition to keep the original protection function, but also pursuit and harmony and unity of the body shape, the pursuit of itself, lightweight. Car front and rear bumpers are made of plastic, known as the plastic bumper. Below small make up with you about the bumper effect have? What are the protection of bumper? Bumper role what car bumper is absorbed to ease impact, front and back of the car safety protection device. Twenty years ago, the car front and rear bumpers are metal material is given priority to, with a thickness of 3 mm steel plate stamping into a u-shaped channel steel, chrome plated, surface treatment and the frame girder riveting or welding together, and the body has a large gap, seems to be a attach parts. With the development of automobile industry, car bumper as one of the important safety device also to the way of innovation. Today's car front and rear bumpers in addition to keep the original protection function, but also the pursuit of harmony and unity with body modelling, pursuit of lightweight itself. In order to achieve this purpose, the car's front and rear bumpers and used plastic, known as the plastic bumper. Plastic bumper consists of shell plate, cushion material and beams of three parts. Which plate and buffer material made from plastic, beam with a thickness of 1. About 5 mm cold rolled sheet stamping and u-shaped slot; Are attached to the beam plate and buffer material, beam and frame longitudinal beam, screw connection can be removed at any time. The plastic bumper used plastic, generally use polyester and polypropylene is two kinds of materials, made by injection molding in. Abroad have a called polyethylene carbon ester plastic, seeping into alloy composition, using the method of metal injection molding processing of bumper not only has high strength, rigid, also has the advantages of can welding and coating performance is good, in the amount of cars more and more. Plastic bumper has the strength, rigidity and adornment sex, from a security point of view, can have buffer effect, when the car collision accident protection around the body, look from the appearance, can be naturally combined with bodywork, into one integrated mass, has the very good adornment sex, becomes an important part of a car exterior decoration. Bumper corner indicating column what a protection, use to judge the position of the bumper bumper is erected the corner parts marked out column, some of the products of the company and with the type of motor drive automatic telescopic. Indicating the corner column, can correctly identify bumper corner position, prevent bumper damage, improve driving skills, often easy to scratch bumper, fitted with a best give it a try. With this corner label column, in the driver's side can correctly judge the position of the bumper, very convenient. Second, the installation of rubber can reduce the corner bumpers damaged bumper edge part is most easily injured part of the car shell, driving feeling bad man is easy to wipe the court. the is full of scars. To protect this area is around the corner, just at the corner of the bumper with respect to OK, and the installation is very simple. This method can reduce the bumper damage degree. Rubber, of course, if it is damaged, then it is ok to replace. In addition, the corner is very thick rubber mat, rubber attached to the bumper corner, if you want to and the body seems to be whole, can be sprayed coating. More about 'bumper effect have? What bumper protection 'the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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