Cadillac SLS the power steering booster pump how to replace the steering booster pump is broken how to deal with

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
Cadillac SLS the power steering booster pump how to replace the steering booster pump is broken how to deal with steering oil to reduce pollution into the air or abrasive, it will directly affect the performance of the power steering gear and the service life of the steering system. Check, therefore, complement and replace the power steering oil and gas is the precondition for the check of power steering device performance, it is also important to daily maintenance operations. Let us know how to check and replace the power steering oil. Cadillac SLS race to how change in fuel oil booster pump, car in the first, use the old oil pumping machine zhidao sucked clean. 2, the new fuel oil injection, then turn the steering wheel in the back and forth, make the new oil seepage, this edition also can have the effect of cleaning. Best to penetrate completely, the owner greatly ZuoQuan right direction, and then, again about slight rotation. 1) Steering oil check engine idle running, again and again will play the steering wheel, the steering oil temperature of 4080 ° C, such as steering oil foaming or white, the oil should be replaced, Oil level should be between the prescribed scope, if the oil is insufficient, after check the parts without leakage, should be in accordance with the provisions, brand make up the steering oil. ( 2) Steering oil change must be replaced when the hydraulic oil found in addition to the qualitative change bad outside, still should be replaced periodically. Replacement method is first aerial vehicle front wheel, loosen the power steering gear under the oil drain plug or return pipe, put oil into the container. Rev. Move the engine idle speed running, one side has a discharge of oil, side will play to the end, the steering wheel over and over again until the hydraulic oil line net. Add steering oil, shall, in accordance with the provisions of filling in the oil tank within brand of hydraulic oil liquid level to the regulation, and mesh filter, so as to avoid impurities mixed with oil. Around under the condition of the engine idle speed running, turn the steering wheel, but not killed, until there is no gas in the oil, the oil show milky white. Then the steering wheel to the straight position, keep the engine running 23 min, observe whether the oil is also white, stop the engine after normal operation. Car after road test, and then to check the oil level is in line with the requirements. Due to the power steering gear oil circulation in channel bend and tiny, and normal working temperature is cold temperature difference is bigger, so the oil level height should be determined under the thermal state. Steering booster pump is broken how to deal with if the car's steering booster pump damaged, then it can only be replaced. Steering booster pump is on the car a more crucial parts, if the parts damaged, will affect the wheel heavier, it will affect the driving member manipulation of the car. In the case of replacement steering booster pump, the fuel injector manufacturer must be chosen, and needs to be changed to 4 s shop. There are three kinds of automobile steering system, mechanical hydraulic steering system, electronic hydraulic steering system, electric power-assisted steering system. Electric power-assisted steering system is that there is no steering booster pump, such as steering system is depend on motor to supply steering. Electronic and mechanical hydraulic steering system hydraulic steering system has turned to the booster pump, mechanical steering booster pump of hydraulic steering system is depending on the motor drive, electric hydraulic steering system of the steering booster pump is rely on motor to drive. Have turned to booster pump car is need to use the steering oil, a steering oil is need to be replaced regularly, if long time don't change, will affect the steering booster pump damage. Advocate friends in car at ordinary times when replace the steering oil on time, when replacing the steering oil, should choose the big brand products. In the car, at ordinary times must maintain own car on time, the usual maintenance maintenance is crucial for cars. Maintenance on time can let the car maintain a good state, and can prolong the service life of the car
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