Cadillac srx4 dynamic performance

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
In 2003, Cadillac SRX luxury utility vehicle made its debut at the north American international auto show in Detroit. The Cadillac series of new models for luxurious medium utility vehicle, it can adapt to almost any road and traction capacity up to 1590 kg, driving feeling like a sports car. It USES its prototype concept car Vizon ( 2001). The appearance of the hale and hearty, angular. SRX indicate a new generation of STS cars such as the characteristics of the future. The SRX is famous for gm's new Sigma chassis structure as the foundation, provides the rear wheel drive and four-wheel drive models, bring the driver's driving power. The Cadillac SRX carry the new generation dynamic performance engine 3. 0 l and 3. Two 6 liters engine power version 3. 6 V6 aluminum intelligent straight eruption motivation is equipped with new 3. 6 -liter V6 aluminum intelligent straight engine has won title of 'Ward 's global top ten engine. Use smart in cylinder direct injection, DVVT electronic double variable valve timing and the latest advanced technology such as ECM engine management module, maximum power of 234 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 359 cattle, meters, 0 100 km/hour speed only 7. 4 seconds. With strong power matching by hand since one automatic transmission, can provide cruise, movement, manual four driving modes and ECO fuel economy, meet the demand of different driving car owners. 3. 0 SIDI aluminum intelligent engine adopts v-shaped straight six-cylinder, double camshaft structures, combination of intelligent direct injection technology innovation and leading D - VVT electronic double variable valve timing control system, can output 199 kilowatts maximum power and 302 cattle, maximum torque, 0 100 km/h acceleration time is 8. 4 seconds ( Models for 7. 9 seconds) 。 Chassis e - AWD intelligent all-wheel drive system combined with many new Cadillac vehicle dynamic control technology in e - AWD intelligent all-wheel drive system, the use of 20 intelligent sensor, 200 times a second test pavement, collection including speed, wheel speed, throttle and torque. Lateral velocity, yaw rate and steering wheel Angle, such as data, complete the implementation power distribution and manipulation of the car body balance. Driving is easy to handle any road, under control. e- AWD intelligent all-wheel drive system provides five drive mode: the general urban road driving mode needs abundant sensitive power at this time, e - AWD automatic adjustment for the all-wheel-drive guidance, smooth and comfortable ride to enjoy. High-speed cruise mode at this point needs to be the best balance of power and fuel economy, e - AWD with precursor guide - Power distribution in the two front wheels, bring the advantages of high efficiency fuel. High-speed overtaking model need outbreak of instantaneous power, e - at this time AWD displacement after the formation of guide - Power transferred to the two rear wheels to produce thrust, absolutely looming surge from kinetic energy of high-speed cornering model at this time need lateral help avoid understeer or overdone, e - AWD with lateral displacement guide - Power transferred to the unilateral side thrust second round, steady cornering, confident special control. Now need to focus on the power model of off-road driving in wheel effectively, ensure that the wheels of the maximum power output, e - AWD with single drive guide - Power can be 100% focused on round the round, concentrated force, to strengthen the grip through the performance. RTD induction real-time damping suspension advanced body dynamic monitoring system, intelligent speed 100 times per second, according to road conditions and stable state precision control body, avoid tilt effect; And detecting pavement condition, ensure the body pitch control efficiency, keep smooth cabin comfort and control. Configuration CUE mobile interconnection system is a 2013 Cadillac SRX whole series standard, the introduction of the CUE, make new Cadillac SRX sharp instrument panel buttons down to seven. 5. 7 inches DIC dashboard instrument panel LCD screen, 8 inch multi-touch screen and piano lacquer that bake panel makes interior whole style more luxury and technology. With the new design of the steering wheel, has the good sense, cooperate with the 5 d CUE control keys, the driver hand from the steering wheel can be easily operating vehicle information. Brunet rosewood plaque texture, Mosaic, v-shaped chrome-plating decorations have the effect that make the finishing point.
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