Can the car blow directly without turning on the air conditioner

by:DEFUS     2020-05-24

Of course it is. We usually know that the air outlet of the air conditioner can produce cold and hot air. In fact, natural wind can be used to ventilate the car. This function is also an important role of the car air conditioning system, but it is not usually valued by us. The specific operation is to turn off the compressor switch, adjust the temperature adjustment knob to the minimum (the manual air conditioning system turns the temperature knob to the blue direction), and then turn on the fan switch. The automobile air conditioning system is actually not that complicated. Simply put, a supply duct is connected to each air outlet, and then the fan in the duct rotates to supply air. In order to achieve warm air, a warm water tank is installed in the pipeline, and the air flow is heated by the heat of the cooling liquid. In order to achieve cold wind, another air conditioner evaporator is inserted in the duct to cool the air flow. The picture above is the air duct assembly of the center console. You can clearly see the two air outlets in the center and the two air outlets on both sides. The place on the air duct that heats or cools the airflow is called a heat exchange box. This box is plugged with an air conditioner evaporator and a warm air tank. The air flow sent by the blower into the cockpit must pass through the heat exchange box. Here The airflow first passes through the air conditioner evaporator. If the compressor works, the evaporator will generate a low temperature to cool the airflow. If the compressor does not work, the airflow is still normal temperature. Then the airflow comes to the heater tank, and whether the airflow passes through the heater tank depends on your settings. Because the heating water tank is connected to the heat dissipation system, it has temperature, and the airflow will be heated after passing through. What if we don't want to heat the airflow? In fact, there is a baffle in front of the warm water tank. If we adjust the temperature to the lowest, the baffle will completely block the warm water tank, and the airflow will not pass through the warm water tank. So if you want the air conditioner to blow natural wind, you first need to turn on the fan, then turn off the compressor, and at the same time adjust the temperature to the minimum, let the baffle in the heat exchange box cover the warm air tank, so that you can get natural wind Too.                                

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