Can the eighth-generation Camry add 92 to the

by:DEFUS     2020-05-23
The eighth-generation Camry can use No. 95 gasoline, and using No. 95 gasoline should have better power than No. 92 gasoline. To explain this problem, we need to understand these factors. 1. Ignition advance angle It is generally believed that the spark plug ignites when the piston reaches top dead center and begins to descend. In fact, many times the spark plug starts to ignite before the piston reaches top dead center. The angle of the crankshaft from top dead center during ignition is called the ignition advance angle. Within a certain range, the greater the ignition advance angle, the greater the engine output torque. 2. Knock In some cases, abnormal combustion occurs in the cylinder. Because the pressure and temperature in the cylinder increase after the spark plug is ignited, this high temperature and high pressure environment may cause the mixture at the far end of the cylinder to spontaneously ignite, so that multiple ignition points will be generated in the cylinder so that the mixture is completely burned in an instant When the piston is still compressing, it will cause a violent impact on the engine. In order to avoid knocking damage to the engine, the control system will delay ignition to eliminate knocking when knocking occurs. In summary, we can find this relationship: Increase the ignition advance angle: increase the torque, but it is easy to knock. Lower ignition advance angle: Torque is reduced, but knocking can be eliminated. In other words, if knocking occurs under the same operating conditions, the engine will have to reduce the current torque output. In other words, if you can control the knock as much as possible, you can use a larger ignition advance angle to obtain maximum torque. Why high-grade gasoline can improve power Because high-grade gasoline is more resistant to knocking, under the same conditions, if knocking occurs when using No. 92 gasoline and does not occur when using No. 95 gasoline, then the engine can be larger when using No. 95 gasoline. The ignition advance angle is naturally greater. When the engine is working, the ECU will continue to try to increase the ignition advance angle and control the ignition advance angle in the area near the knock to obtain the best power output. Therefore, when you use high-grade gasoline, the ignition advance angle can take a larger value of power, which is better.
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