Can use ordinary perfume instead of car perfume? Whether can use ordinary perfume instead of car perfume

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
Can use ordinary perfume instead of car perfume? Whether can use ordinary perfume instead of car perfume smell of car is a very headache problem. It appeared from time to time, and the taste is still persistent. Long-term inhalation of strange taste can make one feel uneasy, and even feel dizzy and sick. Even if they can stand the smell the smell of themselves and others in the car, will also affect the owner. Can use ordinary perfume instead of car perfume smell inside the car is very headache problem, occasionally, taste is made. Odd smell suction for a long time, can let a person mood be agitated, appear even the phenomenon of dizziness, nausea, even if they can endure, others vehicular smell, will also affect the impression of the owner, is really embarrassing. So everyone start reduced, in order to improve the car air perfume is commonly used method. Lazy and some owners, with ordinary perfume directly instead of car perfume, it really good? The difference between ordinary and car perfume may be you will feel, that both are sweet, makes no difference. In fact, due to the difference of both on the function, directly led to the car perfume perfume concentration is higher than the ordinary. In car perfume of choose and buy when, need to test, because although car perfume is mainly in order to remove the peculiar smell, but also has a calm mood, refreshing the function of the difference, you can to undertake choosing according to their own needs. Automotive perfume to taste principle of car perfume is commonly used by flavourists natural flavor or synthetic spices after repeated extraction and then allocate, inside usually is rich in aromatic hydrocarbon, terpenes, aldehydes, esters, alcohols. Volatile and excellent permeability, molecular structure, can quickly break down odor molecules, achieve efficient purify airy action. But it is important to note that some use cheap perfume is a chemical essence of is not have this kind of function, to taste is the taste of pure cover. Car perfume can be put in the home? Said the above, the high quality car perfume is produced by using natural spices, natural is safe non-toxic, use also don't have to worry about. Not just in the car, even at home hall, window, the bathroom is ok. But don't put in the bedroom refreshing perfume, so as not to interfere with the quality of sleep. In addition, have a baby also need to pay attention to in the home, lest the child eat. Whether can use ordinary perfume instead of car perfume cannot substitute ordinary perfume car perfume, car perfume with normal perfume each USES different sample, its content also can differ slightly, on the choice also will be different, in choosing a car, perfume is not only to consider the role of the odor removal, should also be considered within the fragrance help on the traffic safety, should choose taste light, calm effect is better, and can keep sober and calm drivers car perfume, let not as strong as a perfume. We must first understand the perfume is not able to replace the car perfume, because ordinary perfume's main purpose is to let the human body has a durable and pleasant smell, as a man of jewelry clothing, look have the effect that make the finishing point, to people wearing it with car perfume to taste purpose do not conform to, to taste the effect and less ideal. Secondly, common used commonly adopt the way of spreading, spraying perfume, direct access to the car interior materials, may be the cause of corrosion, so can't replace.
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