Car cleaner can remove the formaldehyde? Cleaner protect automotive paint

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
Some auto interior materials releases gas such as formaldehyde, especially for a new car, many owners will ask the shopkeeper to wash the car: car cleaner can remove the formaldehyde? China auto parts below small make up with all of you on car cleaner can remove the formaldehyde? Cleaner protect automotive paint? Car cleaner to remove the formaldehyde? First of all, we know what is the car cleaners. Car cleaner is mainly composed of surface active agent, bactericides, polishing agent, import searches and unique light factors such as ceramic tile made from high-tech environmental protection technology of liquid detergent; Has strong decontamination and penetration, sterilizing and polishing brightness and such features. Can quickly clean automobile glass surface, baffle, car body, etc. Automotive cleaner can remove the paste on the surface of the glass tape, label, and can remove the wheel around, fenders, bumpers, car body oil and all kinds of tools. Automobile detergent after use can also form a thin film to protect the paint. In addition, the car interior cleaner is cleaning the car's chemical fiber, wood, leather, cloth, velvet, engineering plastic and other products, Such as ceiling, seats, instrument desk, carpet, etc. ) . Thus it can be seen that car cleaners just have the effect of cleaning and protection of automotive paint, the smell of formaldehyde can temporarily hide, but not fundamentally eliminate formaldehyde. If you want to remove the car formaldehyde, recommend buying supplies specialized in addition to formaldehyde. Cleaner protect automotive paint car cleaner is a series of cleaning products with special function, to point out is, such as washing powder, soap and detergent pH in lo. More than 3, cannot be used for cleaning the car body, especially senior car body must not be used for cleaning. Car paint more suitable acidity in the PH = 5. 0 8. 0, use beyond the ph cleaner cleaning vehicles, after a long time can cause body roll round and even that of primer and intermediate coating corrosion. Often use pH gets 9 alkaline cleaner body will severely corrosive paint. According to the surface cleaning, car cleaner to remove first vehicle in the process of moving from within and air friction surface electrostatic layer. Electrostatic layer of dust, oil pollution and harmful gas adsorption ability is strong, can only be thoroughly wash the body, first remove electrostatic can lay the ground for further clams on maintenance, otherwise the body static electricity without removing wax, certainly will between wax and body paint covered with electrostatic layer, will greatly reduce the wax on the surface of the paint adhesion, time is not long will fall off, wax maintenance work will be discounted. Static electricity is generated in the paint on the surface and some vehicle tail hanging conductive cord is cannot have the effect of eliminate electrostatic paint surface, electrostatic remove only neutral electrolyte aqueous solution is to use a certain conductive ability to release charge direct contact with paint. According to the general rule of triboelectrification, lacquer face take charge of plus or minus sex according to the don't ask, don't paint ingredients and different, so the detergents should be conducive to the release of the nature of the charge accordingly. Simple to use clear water conservancy ordinary cleaner is reach the requirement. Accordingly now on the market already has this type of car special ward of electrostatic cleaner, more is can with ionization groups in water medium ionic surfactants, the use of these surfactants can remove the static charges and cleanup, etc. More about 'car cleaner can remove the formaldehyde? Cleaner protect automotive paint? 'the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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