Car duster what good car duster what material is the material

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
Good car duster what material of car duster what material is the vehicle of dust collector is a small tool, when we use it to clean the body dirt seems simple. Many of our car friends will not know how to use it. How to effectively use auto filter? If you use the tools, you have to give up. Today, we will study the use of auto filter. Car duster what material of automotive duster duster is not like we usually in household dust duster, if a mixture of both for our car paint damage, finally we owners pay repair, car duster and we usually use duster's biggest difference is the different material, car duster better than cleaning duster material in our life, reasonable use will not cause damage to our car paint, also can have the effect of protecting our car paint, seems a simple tools can also bring us great convenience. Car duster type 1, pure cotton duster cotton duster fly ash can not only remove the car body, cotton duster and fine cotton wool at the same time, these small cotton wool is the biggest characteristic of strong adsorption, and relatively soft, we at the time of removing dust effect is good, at the same time, we also can pass the car cotton duster for car wax, wax on the pure cotton duster, the use of car duster adsorption for automobile appearance of wax protection also is very practical. 2, fiber duster duster duster material is higher than cotton, at the same time also with soft cotton duster and the function of adsorption, but duster to duster is more durable than our cotton fiber, also is not easy to drop wool cloth with soft nap, we also do not need to worry when use, don't worry about duster off plush and affect the aesthetic of the car, since the practicability is strong, the price is sure than the average car duster are expensive. 3, microfiber dusters microfiber dusters duster and fiber material is basically the same, but are ordinary duster and fiber duster advanced duster, microfiber dusters more dense than normal fiber duster, and has the anti-static function, when we were in the use of more convenient, and the effect is better. Car duster duster and what material is the cotton wax oil shan, shan. Duster with pure cotton fine cotton wool, due to the strong ablility cotton, have qualitative feeling, soft, pure cotton duster cotton with wax, wipe also can have very good polishing effect, is the high sales of duster. Fiber duster fine and soft texture, more durable than pure cotton duster, brush hair not easily fall off and dense soft. Fiber brush adopt uniform twist, neat cutting tail part, to avoid the sweep process hook around particles of dust, scratch the car paint surface. Superfine fiber fiber as basic material, but do manual work is compared with the ordinary fiber is more dense. Because of its delicate soft texture and anti-static function, microfiber dusters are more suitable for cleaning the car dirt in addition, still appeared on the market at present nanofibers duster, look like ordinary fiber duster, brush used nano material, but the price compared with the ordinary fiber duster is expensive. It should be noted that we are in use after duster to clean the car, the car must be hard to shake off the dust of the adsorption on the car duster, if clear clean is certainly affect our use of next time, after a long time, also will scale, bacterium, have damage to our car.
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