Car Failure Analysis Case

by:DEFUS     2020-05-22
The battery is fully charged, and it has been hit twice, but it is not playing. The dashboard shows that there is no electricity. What's wrong? After reading your analysis, I will give you a rough analysis, I hope to help you. 1. Did you say 'the dashboard shows that there is no power'? Is the above logo displayed? If yes, your battery is not necessarily dead, because the sign is 'power generation warning light'. If the generator is generating electricity normally, this light will go out. If this light is on, it means that the generator is no longer generating electricity. So this light does not indicate the battery power. After the key is unscrewed, the whole car is energized. At this time, if the engine is turned off, the generator will definitely not generate electricity, so this light will be lit. This is normal, as long as the light goes off after the engine is started. 2. Did you remove the battery and charge it? After charging and reloading the battery, everything is normal, just can not hit. This is probably because the engine anti-theft system is locked. You can check it like this: Turn off the ignition switch completely, and then turn the key to the ON position again, that is, turn the two gears, and then the indicator lights on the dashboard will light up. Then wait a few seconds for several lights to go out. At this time, you can see if the engine anti-theft indicator on the instrument panel is off, which is the icon in the picture above, which is generally an icon of a car and a key or a car and a lock. If this light does not go out, it is sure that the engine anti-theft system is locked, which means that the engine electronic anti-theft system does not recognize your car key. This situation is more troublesome, and you need to go to the 4S shop to re-match the car key. 3. There is a difference between battery failure to hit the car and other reasons. The performance of the battery is that the starter is unable to rotate or does not move at all. If the starter rotates vigorously, it is not a battery problem. 4. If it is really a problem with the battery, your car is still under warranty, and the 4S shop can completely replace the battery for you. This is a warranty and does not require you to pay a penny.
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