Car flat tire dangerous? Car flat tire

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
In daily life, the cause of car flat tire has a lot of, like high temperature, overload, speeding, poor road conditions and so on all can lead to car flat tire, China auto parts below small make up and explain car flat tire dangerous? Car flat tire? Car flat tire any danger, according to authoritative data in China 30000 people die each year from vehicle blowout accident, but traffic accident on the highway, 7 into caused by vehicle flat tire, when the vehicle speed under 120 km/h condition, once the front wheel flat tire! Rollover accident death rate close to 90%, and the speed under 140 km/h in a state of puncture, accident death rate close to 100%. That groups data of terror, let a person feel fear, we saw two keywords, a front wheel flat tire, and one is a 'high speed puncture', this is also a blowout accident's fear, front-wheel blowout of fear, because once the front wheel flat tire, vehicle easier to spiral out of control, while the driver once the operating error, can lead to a rollover accident, so the mortality rate is high, high speed puncture, due to the fast, can also cause the vehicle out of control and ran into fence, hitting other high-speed vehicles, is very dangerous! So how do we avoid, actually very simple also, the first thing to check tires is normal, especially before running long distance or high speed, experienced pilots a close study of the four tires, tire pressure is normal, have tread damage, etc. Second, each model, there is a fuel injector manufacturer of tire pressure value, this number can be divided into full summer and winter, the rational use of tire pressure, don't be too high and too low, can effectively avoid the risk of a flat tire. As well as tire life, all the service life of tires are, our common family car, service life of tires for 3 - Five years, according to the actual usage, generally the most intuitionistic judgment, is the tread crack and broken lines, once appear this kind of situation will be given extra attention to. A car flat tire to do, don't panic, as long as both hands clenched the steering wheel, still can control the car. Behind the note vehicles at the same time, the slow braking and from the main road. Do not emergency brake after puncture, lest make the vehicle tail because of uneven braking or rollover. Second, if it is at the back of the tyre blowout, automobile tail will swing, tossing. As long as the driver keep calm, with his hands clenched the steering wheel, usually can keep the car straight. In addition, it is better to your back and trample brake pedal repeatedly, so that we can reach of centre of gravity of the car, make good front tyre force, reduce the tire burst after the pressure. Remember, do not be too hard on the brake pedal. Third, if the burst is the front tires, will seriously affect the driver controls on the steering wheel. Encounter this kind of situation, should be as light as possible on the brake pedal, in order to avoid car parts under too much pressure, even lead to tire off the rim. Even with both hands grip the steering wheel, when the cars are driven sharply to the left or right so, also can be immediately corrected. Four, if have no spare tyre and cannot find a repair shop in the neighborhood, should open the double jump lamp, slow to car repair shop, or request assistance. If there are any spare tire, must find a flat piece of hard to change, try to avoid the slopes in tire, so as not to slip jack and have an accident. Remove tire bolts don't jack will roof, and to the wheel bolts to loosen the roof again after a few laps. A good jack in the location specified. Mount spare tyre, screw in screw by hand. The wheel in diagonal order to tighten the bolt. Will replace the tires into the spare tire holder, tool in the toolbox. Tidy up tools, retrieve them. Five, if it is night or day for fog, it is best not to replacement tyres at the end of the road, because the line of sight is not good, easy bumping or scratches accident, especially you wearing dark clothing, are more likely to have an accident, should will drive to safety replacement tyres at low speed. More about 'car flat tire dangerous? Car flat tire to do 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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