Car four-wheel location for four-wheel positioning price difference how many money

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
How much is the car four-wheel location four-wheel positioning price difference reasons, today ( ) Small make up to you how much money is brought about by the automobile four-wheel positioning four-wheel positioning answers to the cause of price difference, hope you can like it. How much is the car four-wheel location of four-wheel positioning does not have a standard price, many repair shops offer the prices vary widely, have high low, ranging from dozens to hundreds of pieces, price of 4 s shops do four-wheel positioning is in the hundreds to thousands of yuan. Four-wheel positioning price difference is the reason why the price of four-wheel positioning can differ so big, it mainly depends on two things, one is the instrument, the second is the operator. Car four-wheel location requires specialized equipment, also is the four-wheel, how much is the price of that they are, in fact from the Internet you can see, there are many brands of four-wheel, and also have high low price, the highest close to hundreds of thousands of 1, the cheapest also has more than 10000, is a good and evil people mixed up. Second, the operating personnel's professional level also has a lot to do, some repair shop operator only through simple training, sometimes don't even in accordance with the basic operation sequence, and four-wheel positioning process is a strict standard. Four-wheel positioning of any damage to the car if your car doesn't have any problem, so don't need to do four-wheel positioning. That people ask, what time do the four-wheel positioning? If you replace or repair after suspension, steering system, must be the four-wheel positioning, precision of Angle between components of chassis system set-up, if four-wheel positioning inaccurate, excessive wear vehicle chassis system. If running deviation appeared in the process of vehicles on the road, steering precision, severe eat tire ( Eccentric wear) Phenomenon of collision vehicle chassis and suspension of injury then do four-wheel positioning needs to consider. How to judge whether a four-wheel positioning problems 1, ran straight to choose a flat straight road, to ensure a uniform four vehicle tire pressure, back to the steering wheel, and then loosen the steering wheel and foot step on the gas, if the vehicles can drive along a straight line, no problem description of four-wheel vehicle positioning; Vehicle a slight shift to the left or right, if the offset Angle is small, so can be neglected; If the offset to the left or right, then the four-wheel positioning has a problem. 2, tires are eccentric wear daily car main observation vehicle tire more, after all, it is the only contact with the ground vehicle parts, if the tyres appear eccentric wear, badly side grinding, on the other side is more good, also somebody called eating tire, the four-wheel positioning is abnormal. Under normal circumstances, the wear of the tire should be relatively uniform. 3, lift the vehicle tire is bad operation, this method and effort. For jack, the rising of the vehicle tires in and out of the aerial mode, hands up and down or left and right sides, tyre and then, but use a little force or swung up and down the tyres, if the tyre is shaking, possible damage to the bearings; Bearing damage also is a kind of four-wheel positioning has a problem. Four-wheel positioning on set-up tires and geometry Angle of steering and suspension parts, to ensure that the tire and ground together. It is not like the usual standard maintenance, more like a maintenance project. Because the correct four-wheel positioning will solve car running deviation, steering problems such as inaccurate, if the vehicle has no this kind of problem, and to do the four-wheel positioning, could change the original coefficient of components of the vehicle, prompting vehicle four-wheel positioning is not accurate, the result is a waste of money. For daily use on deviation 1, parking, how to avoid the four-wheel positioning pick smooth place as far as possible, try not to choose slope or on opposite sides-to hold the road parking, this can result in vehicle suspension force on either side of the light and heavy, the passage of time will affect the normal four-wheel positioning. 2, driving met the subversion of the potholes road, the speed will slow down a little. 3, modified now become the trend of many owners, if in the suspension of four-wheel positioning components such as calibration does not reach the designated position, can also lead to four-wheel positioning parameters change. Above is the small make up to bring us how much the car four-wheel location of four-wheel positioning price difference reason, hope to be of service, pay more attention to the accessories of knowledge information please ( )
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