Car horn fault car horn of different fault types

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
Car horn fault car horn of different fault types. Car horn to alert pedestrians or other cars in the car. Because of large current and high frequency over the loudspeaker, often appear all sorts of problems. According to the different type of horn clear fault repair methods. Knowledge of the basic features and circuit of electric horn, once an accident in the process of driving the small fault, can repair and operation. The working principle of fault a car horn, horn when press on the steering wheel or other location of horn button, the current will flow through the circuit from the battery to the horn relay on the electromagnetic coil of electromagnetic coil attracts the moving contact relay switch is closed, current will flow to the speaker. Current that a speaker electromagnet work, so that diaphragm vibration and sound. In a lot about the failure of the horn, problems arise fault is often the horn itself. Second, horn itself fault mainly for the following reason: contact ablation: if the horn of the speaker for a long time contact impedance ablation, flows through the electromagnetic coil current is abate, electromagnetic suction falling cannot attract armature drive diaphragm normal vibration, lead to sound hoarse, even not ring. But the horn, if strong instantaneous electric current through the impedance can still work normally, so well at times but very badly at others. Easy be affected with damp be affected with damp untight seal: although a speaker is airtight, but if the untight seal when washing the car into the mist or internal space have water vapor in the air, water vapor could easily lead to contact be affected with damp be affected with damp not work properly. Electromagnetic coil terminal poor contact: some speakers inside the electromagnetic coil aluminum enameled wire terminal connector is metal rivet connection of the pressure, the stable welding connection, if not end the insulating paint on the enameled wire processing net or rivet unreliable pressure to easily create virtual fault, lead to bad speakers work. This fault is the horn quality reasons, unable to repair, can only replace a new one. Car horn of different fault types, the two speakers are not ring when pressing the switch electric horn, two speakers have no voice, its checking method is: open the headlight switch first, whether the car headlights can light up, if you don't bright headlights, look at whether the fuse disconnect, if not broken, then check the power supply to the circuit is disconnected or loose between insurance; If the disconnect, then check whether there is a short circuit in the circuit, such as found no apparent short circuit, the replacement of new insurance, see if electric horn sound. Check after the normal power supply circuit, with a screwdriver take iron, the power wires of horn relay for spark, if there are any sparks, prove that circuit is normal; If no spark, should check the horn relay the power cord connected to the battery power cord whether there is open circuit. In general, the cause of the two speakers are not ring is line or switch connection problems, rarely appear two horn broken situation at the same time. 2, single horn not ring when press the electric horn switch, there is only one horn sounded, and the other a horn ring, not its checking method is: check not ring electric horn relays the power cord, the circuit is normal, the wire with screwdriver and speaker wires are linked together, to see if the loudspeaker has a voice. If there is a voice that electric horn and switch between line fault; If the speaker or not to speak, that is the horn relay defective or horn itself is faulty. Horn's own fault is mainly due to a failure or electromagnetic wire spring can't reset, armature movement, etc. , should be after the collapse of maintenance. Three, horn husky horn husky in two kinds of circumstances, it is due to the outside world, is mainly due to the circuit is not normal or battery power shortage, etc, the other is a electric horn itself. The inspection steps as follows: the horn relay with jumper isolation, open the ignition switch, if the speaker is normal, that is a relay failure, replace the relay. The push button switch with jumper cables are linked together, if the fault disappear, proved the switch has the ablation phenomenon, replace the switch. Check the clearance between armature and core, if the distance is not normal, is not zero. 5 - 1. The distance between the 5 mm, also can appear voice hoarse, the distance adjustment in place. Check whether there is between the lock nut and amplification tube shaking, whether to have hit a wall, if also can appear hoarse. Through adjustment will lift the fault. If the above all is normal, you can check whether there is amplification tube rupture or see if diaphragm deformation, these faults can also cause abnormal. Besides, the horn sound when strong weak, power consumption is larger, such as fault, is usually caused by local factors such as poor contact, as long as careful observation, will find fault point, and make corresponding solution. More about 'car horn different fault types of fault car horn' the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention. , your car's warm harbor!
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