Car indoor formaldehyde causes have? How to remove the formaldehyde

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
Association of Chinese interior decoration indoor environment monitoring center as early as more than a decade ago to new environmental pollution situation of the research and found that 90% of the vehicle interior have different degrees of interior environment pollution problem, problem of formaldehyde is one of the most serious, and the highest standard of more than national indoor environment for more than 10 times. China auto parts below small make up with all of you on the car indoor formaldehyde causes have? How to remove the formaldehyde? Car interior causes of formaldehyde understands what small make up, interior formaldehyde mainly comes from the roof of mat, seat surface plastic parts, automobile dashboard and filler and other decorative use of plastic materials, benzene from adhesive. Which formaldehyde pollution is most serious, is also the biggest harm to human body, so it is very important to governance to formaldehyde. Second, the inferior car floor mat is also produce formaldehyde of the culprit. The car floor mat, common market can be divided into the following kinds: PVC gm MATS, silk MATS, splicing leather pads, indentation MATS. PVC floor mat, PVC material, chlorine, sending out toxic gas at high temperatures, mat in the car easy to shift, affect driving safety. Coiled MATS, unable to cover the high side, the surface of the floor mat look very clean, but dirt dust sinks, hidden in a floor mat, gradually grow bacteria, affect the body health. In addition, most of the cars in the production line to enter the market, while the harmful gas of various parts and materials has not been released period came into use, thus high pollutant release rate in the early years of use. How to remove the formaldehyde don't in order to keep the car after 1, new car to buy fresh and delaying will be packed inside the plastic removed, should be removed as soon as possible, so that the release of harmful gases to fast. 2, open a window ventilated, send out harmful gas to make faster and effective method is ventilated, each time the air car start before you open the window, and then walk, or parking at ordinary times will be the window out of a little sewing, keep ventilated, inside the car can effectively reduce the concentration of harmful gas in the vehicle and peculiar smell. Placed 3, activated carbon, activated carbon is internationally recognized as drug use, not only can absorb the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, benzene, can also be in addition to flavor, deodorant, mouldproof, sterilization. Also there are many kinds of activated carbon, indoor use of dedicated and cars. Activated carbon is generally small packaging, can be placed in the any one corner of the car, but easy to saturated activated carbon, should pay attention to the change of active carbon. 4, photocatalytic removal method of photocatalytic removal of formaldehyde is a kind of high-quality products, is a kind of represented by nanoscale titanium dioxide photocatalysis function of light is the floorboard of the semiconductor material, its figure on the substrate surface, under the action of ultraviolet light, the formaldehyde in air can be harmful material such as decomposition, broken down into harmless material such as carbon dioxide and water. The leather in addition to aldehydes detailer is suitable for automotive, can quickly remove the smell of formaldehyde removal in the leather. 5, put the fruit skin, can eat the rest of the pomelo peel, pineapple peel the corner on the car, the fragrance of the fruit can cover the car unpleasant odor, is a good method of fresh air inside the car, but have no harmful material such as formaldehyde adsorption. More about 'car indoor formaldehyde causes have? How to remove the formaldehyde content of the 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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