Car is prevented bask in membrane effect how? Automobile sunscreen film blister

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
The most can't stand the summer comes, the owner is in the hot sun to drive, not only the hot air also smell good. This time you may need a day to night open air conditioning, that's not enough you might also consider buying a car is prevented bask in membrane. China auto parts below small make up with all of you on the car is prevented bask in membrane effect how? Automobile sunscreen film blister? Cars with membrane effect how car membrane mainly blocking the action of ultraviolet (uv), part of heat barrier, and prevent the glass caused by sudden burst hurt, and so on and so forth, at the same time, according to the solar film performance, one-way perspective to achieve the purpose to protect the privacy of personal information. In addition, it can also reduce the car items and personnel damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, can reach the effect of saving fuel consumption at certain levels. Car sticker ( Autofilm) Is the vehicle front and rear windshield, side Windows and skylights shaped object, put a layer of film and the film shape objects are also called solar film or explosion-proof heat insulation membrane. Actually influence the effect of heat insulation glass membrane in addition to the color depth of membrane, there is a more important factor is the isolation effect of the light. Car membrane to light ability of isolation. A CheMo heat insulation function mainly isolated from the rest of the solar film infrared parameters, the parameters of the sunscreen is isolated from the rest of the solar film uv, infrared and ultraviolet rays are invisible light, color depth is not necessarily relationship with membrane. So the car membrane the deep heat insulation is prevented bask in, the better the results? This is wide of the mark. The most important thing is that two parameters: the isolation of infrared and isolate uv parameters. You need a good and merchants buy CheMo ask the parameter value is. The front windscreen of the car light source is, but not owners of what film can be posted. Because windscreen light bright clear directly affect the safety of train operation, and it still car side after the glass is not the same. In this country has a regulation, which is before the windshield under whatever not sticker, light transmittance must be more than 70%, otherwise you also pass the city. But you can rest assured that as long as it's not 3 without the false and inferior product, the general brand of glass membrane is up to standard, you have to do is to look for of merchants buy on product. Automobile sunscreen film blister to do for the car sticker have bubbles, the personage inside course of study says, this phenomenon is mainly caused by two factors: one is itself car membrane quality closes nevertheless, secondly, the construction personnel with the technology of the problem. After the inferior car membrane, out of the car to see will always feel foggy. Because of the inferior products of film with normal dyeing process, membrane layer combined with coarse, can appear like a bubble, 'the wave phenomenon. According to introducing, the bubbles works, mostly is the gift that the 4 s shop, because the cost is low, so very cheap, but and, in the eyes of customers, this is not bad products, but to save money, nothing, why not! Another factor that is film technology. The products on the market, the phenomenon of the bubble, many are caused by improper construction. If the sticker on the glass surface cleaning does not reach the designated position, lead to a tiny grains of sand or dirt attached, with the strength of paste increase of membrane, a pressure around the sand or dust, a foaming phenomenon has taken place, and there is potential for folding or degumming cause bubbles. If that happens, the owner can use one pin will appear on its own bubble pierced a hole, then wipe cloth, flat glass bubble will disappear. Of course, if too many bubbles, the recommended replacement. When sticker to spray water, the car must be clean, dry and clean, and film, the film is kept good, outside with a layer of tape, to tear can stick, then the membrane is almost no sand, if is the glass to make a film after spraying water to work, then more carefully check for bubbles and grains of sand, edge ever stick not tight situation, to be dried at the same time, this is to let the glass without sand such as dirt, but also prevent the membrane between the glass and vesicles, which affects the overall aesthetics. More about 'automobile sunscreen membrane effect how? Automobile sunscreen film blister to do 'the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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